Moving Checklist

Whether you are moving to Missoula or anywhere at all, there are many things to think about when planning a move.  To help you plan the smoothest move possible, we offer up the following moving checklist. Just click the link and you can also print out our Moving Checklist.

Two Months Prior

  • Acquire estimates from three moving companies
  • Create and maintain a file for all moving papers and receipts
  • Talk with your accountant to determine if any parts of your move might be tax-deductible
  • Talk with your insurance agent to determine what expenses might be covered
  • Inventory your possessions
  • Sell and give away items you don’t want or need from the attic, basement, closets and storage areas
  • Host a garage sale and donate unsold items to charity

Six Weeks Prior

  • Picture25Complete a change of address card  or online form with the U.S. Postal Service and at the following places you do business:
    • accountants
    • attorneys,  banks
    • credit card companies
    • former employers
    • insurance agents
    • IRS/Social Security Admin
    • periodicals
    • physicians and dentists
    • relatives and friends
    • religious organizations
    • schools
    • stockbrokers
  • Do some research on  Missoula health-care professionals and hospitals
  • Arrange to have family medical records transferred to new physicians
  • Arrange to have pet records transferred to a new Missoula-area veterinarian
  • Arrange to have children’s school records transferred
  • Select a reputable mover with good insurance coverage or reserve a rental truck

One Month Prior

  • Arrange for personal/family travel (air, hotel, car rental)
  • Arrange for the transportation of pets, plants and other delicate items
  • Contact all utility companies (cable, gas, electric, phone, refuge collection, water, etc.) to arrange for disconnect, final billing and connection at your new address
  • Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowner’s, medical and life) to arrange for coverage in your new location
  • Gather all legal documentation into one box and maintain in an accessible and safe place. Documents should include vehicle titles, registration documents and licensing, birth certificates, wills, deeds, stock, legal, medical, and insurance records
  • Make arrangements for cleaning and repair of carpets, drapery and furniture if necessary
  • Make arrangements to transfer funds and close bank accounts
  • Cancel voter registration; re-register to vote  once you’ve settled into Missoula
  • Notify landlord of pending departure and request security deposit/ refund
  • Notify in-home contracted service providers (housekeeping, gardening, etc.)
  • Request refunds on unused renter’s or homeowner’s insurance and any prepaid services
  • Save receipts from the move (many moving expenses are tax deductible)
  • Gather moving supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, markers, rope)
  • Start packing!

Two-Three Weeks Prior

  • Arrange for child care on moving day
  • Cancel newspaper delivery
  • Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your new address
  • Review arrangements with the moving company
  • Service your car if planning a long trip

One Week Prior

  • Drain gas and oil from power equipment
  • Fill all prescription medications
  • Pick up dry cleaning, return library books and rented videos, etc.
  • Settle all outstanding bills with local retailers and vendors

A Few Days Prior

  • Finish packing
  • Defrost refrigerators and freezers
  • Disconnect all major appliances
  • Pack first night items, including: alarm clocks, change of clothes, flashlight, phone, sheets, toiletries and towels
  • Pack Mover’s Survival Kit: aspirin or ibuprofen coffee, filters, and coffee maker local phone books paper cups and plates, plastic utensils paper towels, toilet paper, soap pen and notepad scissors, utility knife, masking and/or duct tape trash bags and shelf liner water and soft drinks, snacks

Moving Day

  • Be home to answer any questions your mover may have
  • Remain until  movers are finished loading your belongings
  • Record all utility meter readings upon departure
  • Ensure you and the movers did not leave anything in the vacated house
  • Carefully read, complete and sign the bill of lading and the inventory sheet
  • Keep copies of the bill of lading and inventory sheet until your possessions are delivered, the charges are paid, and any claims are settled
  • Give movers directions to your new home and the phone number where you can be reached

Packing Tips

  • Keep jewelry, important papers or medications with you
  • Label boxes as you pack them with content and desired room location
  • Leave lamps, china and artwork or breakables for movers to pack
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes
  • Do not overstuff boxes; leave some extra room at the top
  • Tape cords underneath all electrical appliances
  • Wrap breakables in newspaper, bubble wrap, clothes or towels

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