Moving Into A New Home Checklist

When you first move into a new home, the list of things to do can be exhausting. However, the good news is that a little preparation can make the entire move much easier. When moving into a new space, you need to ensure that you have a list of things to do in order to make the move as easy and painless as possible, for instance, renting a mini storage unit from your local storage facility. If you’re not sure of where to get started, use this checklist.

Take measurements on the space

In order to get the most from your move, you can do some prep work by taking room measurements. You’ll have a better idea of what pieces of furniture can fit into each space well. It may even help to have a floor plan. One that’s available or one that you make up yourself. Take measurements of the kitchen area, dining room, family room, bedrooms, and office.

Transfer utilities

When you are getting ready to close escrow, make sure to transfer the utilities. This includes the gas/electric, water, garbage, cable, and wifi if needed. Doing this ahead of time is a good idea as it can take days or even weeks if you delay.

Get a moving company

Before you start your move, you’ll probably be in the market for local movers. As you likely know, not all companies are created equal. Before you choose a company that offers residential moving services, make sure that you read through moving business reviews in Montana to get a better idea of a company’s quality. You’ll have a better experience and won’t have to worry about items being damaged or lost. Do this early if you can as move companies, especially the good ones, often get busy.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

You may already have cleaning supplies, but you’ll probably need more. A new home often needs a deep clean. Make sure that you have the following: disinfecting wipes, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, glass and all-purpose cleaner, garbage bags, and paper towels.

Stock easy meals

You probably won’t be doing much cooking in the middle of your move, but you may also not feel like going out for each meal. If you can, purchase some premade meals or cook and freeze easy meals. Dishes that can be put in the oven or microwave are a great option.

Pack short vacation bags

Although you will have to pack all of your clothes, make sure to pack a bag that has enough essentials for a short vacation. This will be handy for your first few days when you just need a change of clothes. Pack items such as your pajamas, a few days worth of clothing, toiletries, and whatever else you need to get you through 3-5 days. Chances are, by that time, you’ll have all of your other items unpacked by then.

Although it’s not always easy to prepare for a move, you can decrease your stress by being prepared. This checklist should get you through the worst of moving into a new home. You’ll find that it makes the move faster as well, so use this checklist strategically.