Beard or Without Beard: Which Is Better?

In 2018 the beard craze hit the internet. Men with beards would take selfies and showcase their beards. Celebrities, too, were not left behind. Antonio Conte, former Soccer manager in English Primer league, Chelsea, showcased his beard and had it for a while until he cut it after his daughter asked him to. On YouTube, there are several videos of dads teasing their babies with a clean shave. Most of the babies cry and are terrified of their clean, shaved dads. Did the babies actually prefer beards?

The debate continues. Studies have shown that 43% of women would not engage with a bearded man. That leaves 57% who prefer the beard, or maybe they are still undecided.

Men that have beards are perceived as being more masculine and strong thus attractive. Ideally, women are attracted to men who can offer a sense of protection. But what if it is biologically impossible for a man to grow beards? Does that make him less masculine or any less of a man?

Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a role in the development of male reproductive tissues, increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair. its harder to grow a beard if you have low t-levels. Testosterone levels have a direct influence on how much beard a man can grow. Higher levels of testosterone and DHT can grow significantly more beard than men with lower levels of these hormones.

There are several benefits associated with growing a beard;

1. Beards offer protection against damaging sun rays.

Men with more skin exposure suffer from sunburns and lichenification as a result of constant scratching and rubbing.

2. Keeps you warm.

Beards trap in the warm air from your skin, therefore, keeping you warm. Beards act as thermal protection.

3. Protects you against diseases.

Yes. You heard that, right! Facial hair helps to keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth, which assists in protecting your throat. If you have a sensitive airway condition like asthma, beards provide additional filters before the air enters into your lungs.

4. Saves you time.

According to Dr. Herbert Mescon, an average man spends an estimated 139 days of his life shaving. Imagine all the things you could do with the extra days!

Not all is well with growing a beard. Below are the disadvantages of growing a beard;

1. Skin Irritation.

Starting to grow a beard can be a nightmare. This is as a result of itchiness and irritation caused by the hair poking out of the skin. The irritation affects not only you, but also those that come into contact with your beard.

2. Unhygienic.

An unkempt beard can be so gross. Particles of food could get trapped in the beard. And if not regularly washed, this could turn bad fast.

3. Makes you look older.

If you want to look ten years younger, you should reconsider growing a beard. Beards make you look older and distinguished.

With the pros and cons laid out, the decision to grow or not grow a beard Is personal. Exterior factors like religion and culture indirectly influence which side you lean on. Express your personality in your terms. At the end of the day, it is your face, your choice; the decision is yours.