Tips on How to Be Good Sports Parents Whether They Win or Lose

Being a good sports parent is similar to being a good parent with their academics, meaning if you want your kids to participate and do well, you have to get involved. You need to be there for encouragement and support. With sports, you can volunteer with certain things like handing out water, bringing team snacks, and picking up and dropping off teammates. It’s not something you necessarily have to do but it will not only show your kid but the entire team that you’re a team player, regardless of what sport it is.

So what exactly does it mean to be a “good sports parent?” It varies from family to family because each athlete is different in what they want as an athlete and what they want from their parents. Your definition of a good sports parent might be taking your child to lessons outside of team practice to improve their skills while the next athlete might need more physical support from his/her parents, meaning attendance of games.

Ultimately, showing your support in whatever way your child needs is how to be a good sports parent. Some parents will go and have customized drawstring backpacks made for each team member with their number on it while other parents will donate to get the team new uniforms or gear. We’re going to take a look at the best ways you can be a good sports parent no matter what sport your child chooses to get involved in.

Get Knowledgeable on Their Sport and Be Realistic With Them

The more you know about your child’s sport, the better you’ll be able to follow the game and the more you’ll be able to help them… If you have no clue about soccer, read up on it; talk to the other parents whose children have been playing longer… they’ll be able to help you understand better. Veteran athlete parents will be able to help you understand and answer questions about:

  • Coaching methods
  • Equipment
  • Rules of the game

You don’t want to be that parent yelling during a game because you feel that the game rules don’t apply to your precious love bug! Sports parents are also very honest about their futures. It’s well-known that not every athlete will go on to get an athletic scholarship or go pro but you can still be positive about those facts while being realistic with them about it.

Lead By Example

With athletes, they absolutely need to keep their bodies in great physical shape to perform well and reduce the chances of injury. The way you can help them maintain top physical health, you can serve up healthy meals throughout the week to the entire family so it won’t seem like punishment to your athlete. You can even ask your child what types of workouts they do and offer to do some of those workouts at home with them if they’d like. You can time them and help them practice drills too.

If you’re not the most athletic person in the world to participate in their workout routine, you can at least give them real motivation. Take them to a college game and let them see real college athletes living their dream, especially if the college is in your hometown. It can really give them perspective that this student was able to perform to the best of his/her capabilities and was able to play in college… they can do it too with hard work and dedication.

Be Their Voice of Reason and Encouragement

In the world of sports, your athlete is going to win some and lose some and in both of those outcomes, you’re going to either need to be their shoulder to cry on or that person they look to for praise of a game well-played. states that parents shouldn’t underestimate your influence on your kids.

Parents have the capabilities to be under-involved to over-involved so you definitely want to find that happy medium between the two. If your kid has a disagreement with the coach or with another player, you may have to step in and talk to your child and be that voice of reason to help them see the right from wrong, regardless of who’s at fault. You want to do the same thing when your child scores and make some great accomplishments… be their biggest cheerleader, win or lose!