Do These 6 Things before Your Moving Day

Moving days can be incredibly hectic, especially when you don’t plan for them properly. To make things easier on yourself, you should do these 6 things ahead of time:

1. Prepare for Emergencies

There are plenty of costs that can surprise you on moving day. Maybe some items get damaged. Maybe you need to pay extra fees for the moving van. Or maybe you discover some urgent problems at the new house, like leaky plumbing. You need to be prepared for these unexpected expenses to turn your plans upside-down.

How can you do this? Set aside some emergency savings for the big day. If something goes wrong, you can use those funds right away.

Or you could put the expense on your line of credit! Look into how to increase your line of credit before you have to move so that you can request a bigger withdrawal. The higher limit could come in handy.

If you don’t have a line of credit, you should take this opportunity to apply for one. It could help you handle emergency costs without breaking a sweat.

2. Package Items Carefully

The best way to prevent broken, damaged items is to pack them properly. You will want to buy all of the essential packing supplies to make sure that your most delicate belongings are safe throughout the whole trip.

If you’re really worried about fragile items breaking, even after covering them in layers of newspaper and bubble wrap, don’t put them in the moving van. Drive them to the new home separately. Then you can rest easy knowing they’re not being jostled or crushed during the move.

3. Get Helping Hands

You can’t move all of your belongings on your own. If you try, you could end up accidentally damaging your items or hurting yourself.

Arrange for some friends to help you load and unload the moving van. Or better yet, look for professional movers or interstate moving companies to help you! And if you are planning to have an office relocation and need professional office moving services, then you may consider hiring experienced office movers.

4. Do Your Research

Unfortunately, there are plenty of moving company scams out there that are just waiting to overcharge unwitting homeowners or leave them hanging high and dry come moving day. So, do your research on moving companies before making your pick.

You should also ask your friends what movers they used in the past, and if the experiences were good. That information could help you find the right company for your move, or it could help you steer clear from a disaster.

5. Take Measurements

You don’t want to realize that your couch can’t fit through the front door of your new home on your moving day. You can avoid that stressful situation entirely by taking measurements. First, measure all of your large furniture. Then measure the exterior and interior doors of your future home. If it seems like the furniture can’t make it through, you’ll know that you need to get replacements that are easier to transport.

6. Label Everything

One thing that is guaranteed to make your moving day easier is labeling all of your boxes. First, add what room the box should be brought in (bedroom, kitchen, office, etc.). Then, add a summary of the items inside (linens, cutlery, books, etc.). This will make unpacking and arranging the house a breeze. You won’t lose track of anything.

After doing these 6 things, your moving day is bound to be a lot less stressful. It might even be fun!