Tips For Designing The Perfect Reception Area

The reception area is the first thing that visitors see when they walk into your office. You have one chance to make a good impression, so you should take care in designing it. You need to consider the color scheme, how many people can fit in the space, and what furniture you want to use. 

This blog post will discuss some of the best tips for designing a perfect reception area!

Consider the Decor of your Reception Area to Match your Company’s Branding

When designing your reception area, you should consider the decor to match your company’s branding. You want a space that feels inviting and professional at the same time. You may also want to include corporate art or awards on the wall to make visitors feel validated by their presence here.

Reception decor can also set the tone for a company’s culture. You want to promote professionalism at all times, so you may not want to put any decorative items that are too personal in your reception area. You should put what is most important upfront and center instead of behind closed doors or tucked away into cabinets where people can’t see it unless they make an effort to go digging.

Make Sure that you Have Plenty of Comfortable Seating for Visitors

One of the most important things to think about when designing your reception area is seating. You want visitors who come in for an interview or meeting with you to be comfortable and relaxed. You can do this by providing plenty of ergonomically designed chairs, like sofas, armchairs, or love seats. In most cases, vinyl chairs are ideal for waiting areas because they are inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to clean. You also want your seating to be comfortable, so you may want to consider providing plush armchairs or recliners with footrests for visitors who need a little extra legroom.

Comfortable sitting should go hand in hand with foot care. You want to make sure that you have plenty of footrests available for visitors who need them, and if your reception area includes a lot of standing room space, then you should put in some high-quality mats with rubber backing on the bottom so people can stand

Keep a Variety of Reading Material Available for Visitors

Another thing you should consider when designing your reception area is having a variety of reading material available for visitors. You want to be able to offer something for everyone, so keep an assortment on hand from magazines and newspapers in their current editions and some new titles or culturally significant books. You may also want to provide board games like Scrabble and chess for visitors waiting or feeling overwhelmed.

You want to provide some entertainment as well, so you may also choose to offer an in-house coffee station with a variety of different blends like decaf and iced coffees, as well as fresh loose leaf tea and a selection of iced teas for visitors who prefer to drink something warmer. You can also offer drinks like soda, water, or juice to make your reception area more welcoming.

Have Both Sitting – Formal and Informal

When making the reception arrangements, you need to have both formal and informal sitting arrangements. You want visitors waiting for an interview or meeting with you to be able to wait in a more comfortable space if they would like, but you also want them close enough to see the reception desk from where they’re seated. You may want some seating at the front of your office to make a welcoming statement. Proper sitting and exercising not only is inviting but also helps fight arthritis pain, especially when they are coming to spend more time in your office. You may also want some seating at the back of your office, so people have more privacy from other visitors if they would prefer it.

Whichever way, you want to make sure that your company’s reception area is designed for optimal comfort and convenience. You might also like to consider putting in a coffee station or some snacks on hand because you never know when an unexpected meeting will pop up!

Ensure There are Power Outlets Near All Seats

We are in a digital era where everyone and every visitor to your office needs a place to plug in their phone or laptop. You should make sure that there are power outlets near all the seats in your reception area so they can stay connected while waiting for an interview or meeting with you.

You may also want to provide chargers, as well as USB ports and Wi-Fi access points if it’s available at your company. You may also want to provide a small television that can show company videos or other materials when necessary. Ensure you do this without inflating costs by using flat-screen televisions. Ensure you do this to keep your visitors more entertained while making your reception area look more modern. You can also offer a variety of reading material and board games to make your reception area feel warm and welcoming for visitors who are waiting.

Add Plants or Pictures on the Walls to Make it Feel More Welcoming!

You may also want to add plants or pictures on the walls to make your reception area feel more welcoming for visitors. You can use these as a way of providing fresh air and an aesthetic that is inviting for everyone who walks through it, from incoming clients to outgoing team members!

Remember that anyone visiting your office has high expectations, so you want to make sure that your reception area is welcoming and offers something for everyone. You can do this by offering a variety of seating arrangements and different types of entertainment like books or games.

The design of your reception area is the first impression that visitors will have of your company. To ensure you are giving off a positive vibe, it’s important to consider what decor and seating arrangements work best for your office space. While every business may be different, some general guidelines are worth considering when designing any reception area or waiting room. 

For example, make sure that you have plenty of comfortable seating for visitors, so they feel at ease while they wait; keep a variety of reading material available for them to choose from in case they get bored; add plants or pictures on the walls to give the space an uplifting feeling; and provide power outlets near all seats so people can charge their electronic devices, among others.