Understanding The Benefits Of Orgone Energy

Orgone energy, or as the ancients call it, Chi, is the belief that every living thing around us, like plants, animals, or birds, has a kind of energetic life force. This energetic life force can be harnessed in order to enhance your life. This may seem a little unrealistic to some people, but it is actually based on scientific research. Orgone Energy was discovered in 1897 by an Austrian scientist named Wilhelm Reich, who, after various experiments, believed that this kind of energy has healing powers. There are so many benefits to Orgone energy that if you know and understand them, you may want to take advantage of it yourself, so keep reading to find out more.

How Does Orgone Energy Work?

During Wilhelm Reich’s experiments and research, he discovered that there was a similarity between the energy of Orgone radiations and sun rays. He managed to maintain something called SAPA Bions from Orgone energy and put cancer cells next to them, which resulted in the cancer cells dying. This led Reich to believe that this kind of energy can help people fight physical and even mental illness. 

When we experience traumatic memories, our energy is somehow blocked and stored in our body’s tissues, which leads to muscular tension; he called this energy-blocking Armoring. Since this energy is unused and inactive, it becomes stagnant and can cause psychological, mental, and physical problems. He called this stagnant energy Deadly Orgone energy or DOR. In order to help fight against DOR, the scientist invented boxes called Orgone Energy Accumulators. These boxes contain highly concentrated fields of Orgone energy and are used to cure cancer patients.

What Is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a modern-day invention that utilizes all the essential Orgone energy. Orgonite is a blend of crystals made of quartz and resin metal shavings. This combination can transform Deadly Orgone energy into something positive. There are so many Orgone devices out there that get their power from the healing crystals incorporated in them. These crystals are usually used in pyramid-shaped devices or jewelry.

How To Use Orgone Devices?

After having an idea of the healing powers of Orgone energy, you are probably wondering how you can use it in your daily life. Naturally, you won’t build an Orgone Accumulator, so what are your available options? Luckily for you, there are Orgone devices that are made for home-usage. As mentioned before, Orgone crystals can be used in pyramid-shaped devices, which can help in transforming your home’s energy. These pyramids also come in various beautiful colors and designs, and you can check them out to find one that can match your home decor. Orgone pyramids are designed by using the same science which is behind Orgone energy by using materials that can attract energy. If you are wondering how these pyramids work, they actually transform negative energy into positive energy. The shape of the pyramid also plays a huge role in filtering negative energy. 

If you want around-the-clock protection, you should opt for Orgone jewelry. Wearing an Orgone bracelet or pendant means that they will be close to your skin which is even more beneficial. As you know by now, you may have Deadly Orgone energy in your body, so these pieces of jewelry can cleanse your body from this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your physical and mental health.

What Do You Need Protection From?

Orgone energy is all around us, and it should be used in a way that allows it to move freely instead of becoming stagnant. Just like Orgone energy is all around us, we are also surrounded by negative energy emitted from all the devices we have in our homes. TVs, refrigerators, laptops, cellphones, washing machines, and WIFI can cause symptoms like depression, anxiety, headaches, and reduce your energy. Having Orgone devices in your home can protect you from the negative energy emitted from these devices and turn it into something positive. Additionally, they also cleanse the electromagnetic fields that are the reason behind these symptoms.

You have probably heard many people say how we are surrounded by a lot of negativity, which is true. However, most of the negativity that we are suffering from is the result of the negative energy inside us or around us. There are people who are skeptical when it comes to healing crystals, but Orgone crystals are different. Orgone energy is the result of extensive scientific research and experience, and the devices and crystals used now are based on these sciences. If you want to heal your mind and body, then you should consider giving Orgone energy a chance.