Understanding Agency: Part II


Are you a fan of lists and sticky notes? I sure am! I use them for workplace and home tasks.There is something about prioritizing jobs and crossing those items off a list (or peeling away that sticky note) that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Even before getting into real estate, I was a “listing agent” in my own right!

In the world of real estate, the listing agent (also referred to as a seller’s agent) represents the seller to negotiate the best possible price for their home, whereas a buyer’s agent (also called a selling agent) represents the buyer buying the home.

post it notes business manSelling a home is hard work. There are multiple forms and processes to wade through from the minute your home is listed until the transaction closes. With the plethora of information on the internet, you may feel the urge to try the DIY process. While a few people are certainly qualified and have the knowledge to sell their own home, the majority of sellers find that the benefits of hiring a Realtor who can act as their listing agent outweigh the money that may be saved by listing their property themselves.

Here is a short list of why you should consider sticking with a seller’s agent for selling success!

Benefits to having a Realtor list your home:

  1. Realtors have access to the MLS, which means Realtors from many different agencies cooperate by sharing data. Your property will be marketed to ready, willing and able potential clients you would never reach listing on your own. 

  2. Realtors have multiple resources at their fingertips, including their local Organization of Realtors, bankers, mortgage companies, and other brokers and agents, among others. Part of an agent’s  job is to connect with other professionals in the business, network with others, and have the tools to navigate through the entire negotiating and selling process.

  3. Realtors (whether representing the seller, buyer, or both) abide by the Realtor Code of Ethics. You can trust that you are in good hands as they guide you through a major life decision. If a Realtor does not abide by the Code of Ethics, there can be serious consequences.

  4. A seller’s agent will listen to your concerns, safeguard your confidences, and work hard on your behalf. Your agent wants your continued business and referrals, and therefore has even more incentive to do everything they can to gain your confidence and trust!

  5. When you list your home with a local Realtor, you do not have to be present for showings or open houses. You don’t have to field calls or sit around waiting for a client who doesn’t show up. You don’t get your feelings hurt when a buyer hates your decor!  You can stick to living life and preparing for your move.

Selling a home can be an emotional time for many people. Sticking with a seller’s agent instead of trying to sell your home yourself can alleviate the stress and make the transition a little easier.

Next time, in Understanding Agency, I will explain the relationship of dual agency. Until then….

Happy Nesting!



Jennifer Slayden bioJen Slayden wears many hats: Mother, Real Estate Agent with Main Street Realty, teacher for the non profit music program Center for Music, UM alumni, runner, and supporter of all things local. Her RealChange program dedicates a generous amount of her Real Estate commissions to be given back locally to organizations of her client’s choice. You can find her on Facebook, or give her a call at 406-370-0300.