Here’s How to Stay Sane While Moving

There is nothing quite like the stress of moving. When you have lived for years in one house, it can be difficult to pick everything up and leave. In fact, this “picking everything up” can take hours of hard work and stress.

The stress of moving can make even the most organized and sane people go crazy! Most people delay moving just because they don’t want to deal with the amount of work required.

If you want to stay efficient and finish packing in time, you have to prepare and go through the process cleverly. A few useful tips can help ease the pain of moving and help you stay sane.

Take Your Time with Packing

Most people leave packing for the last minute, which might seem like the right thing to do since many things remain in use until the very end. However, if you start packing earlier and do it over a longer period of time, it takes the pressure off from doing it all in one day.

Pack a few items every day, starting with things that you rarely use. Knick-knacks, books, expensive china, utensils you hardly use, etc, can be packed first as they are not needed every day. You can pack up some of your wardrobe items as well, putting away your “off-season” clothes.

Pack up as much as you can during the week leading up to the moving day so that you are not overwhelmed at the last minute. This way almost half or more of the things you own will already be packed beforehand, reducing moving day pressure. This will also help you pack mindfully, without simply throwing things into boxes. If you pack carefully, knowing fully where each item went, you can avoid stress during unpacking.

Hire a Moving Service

If you have large furniture and plenty of boxes to move, don’t even think of using just your car. That many trips back and forth would drive anyone insane. Hire a moving company and you will not have to worry about how your belongings get shifted to your new home, which will take a huge load off your shoulders.

Professional movers can ensure that your belongings go from your old house to your new home safely. Especially if you are making a long move like moving from New Jersey to Arizona or Washington to Georgia, you will want to hire a local moving company to help you out.

These days moving companies do a lot more than just move your belongings. They provide packing supplies, disassemble and reassemble your furniture, provide appliance servicing, and so much more. They can even pack for you if you simply didn’t have the time to do so yourself!

Create a Plan

Planning out the entire moving process is a great idea if you want to ensure that you make a successful and stress-free move. Having a plan means you can allocate your time efficiently, without feeling like there is not enough time for everything.

Let’s say you have a two-story house and you planned on packing the rooms upstairs first. Then, you decide which rooms you want to pack first. You can follow that up with what items you want to pack up first. Having a thought-out plan will help you stay on track so that the work you need to do is organized. This way, you are less likely to miss something important while on a tight schedule.

However, creating a plan does not mean that things absolutely can’t go wrong. Naturally, some things won’t go as planned. But the key is to keep calm and decide how to make up for that without getting worried and anxious. Keeping cool is crucial if you want to get things done under the pressure of making a move.

Start with Decluttering

Did you know that one in every twenty people are hoarder? This means that around three hundred ninety million people on earth have hoarding tendencies—and you could easily be one of them.

Hoarding items that you do not need means that you have less space for things you do need. You can get help from Hoarding Sanitation Cleanup Services to assist with cleanup. Moving gives us a great opportunity to get rid of the clutter that takes up a lot of space in our closets, drawers, and our whole house.