The best years of their lives

Missoula isn't just for the young. The Garden City is home to over 11,000 residents over the age of 65, making it an extremely senior-friendly community.

Programs & Services

The following services are available for seniors, their family members and caregivers. A full list of links and resources is available on the Missoula Aging Services website.

Care Management Service

Helps elders and their families address complex issues affecting quality of life.

Family Caregiver Support & Respite Services

Provides financial assistance and support for primary in-home caregivers as well as monthly support group, counseling and resources for all caregivers.

Meals on Wheels

Delivers hot, nutritious meals to homebound elders throughout the county. Use the website or phone to set up meal delivery services.

Montana SMP

Empowers seniors to prevent healthcare waste, fraud, and abuse through outreach, education and one-on-one counseling.

Ombudsman Program
(406) 728-7682

Protects resident rights and advocates for quality of care for persons living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Contact the the number above for more information.

Senior Diner Club & Rural Congregate Dining
(406) 728-7682

Qualified seniors can receive coupons, each good for one full meal, to be used at participating Missoula restaurants.

Senior Farmers’ Market Program
(406) 728-7682

Provides coupons for seniors to use to-ward the purchase of locally grown fruits and vegetables at seasonal markets.

Senior Help Line & Resource Center
(406) 728-7682 or toll free in Montana (800)551-3191

Offers a database of more than 600 resources for information and referrals related to seniors’ needs as well as individual counseling and assistance on various topics including long-term care planning.

SHIP (State Health Insurance Program)
(800) 551-3191

Offers individual counseling on health insurance programs that include Medicare, Medicare Part D, supplemental health insurance and Medicare Advantage as well as Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver.

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