Five Common Types of Home Medical Equipment

If you suffer from some form of medical condition or hodisability, have recently returned from the hospital, or require treatment, you do not need to go to or remain in a hospital setting. It is possible to remain in your home in Missoula, Montana. All it requires is having access to the right kind of home medical equipment in Missoula Montana.

Five Common Types of Medical Equipment for Home Applications

While there are several different kinds of home medical equipment in Missoula Montana available for use, several are readily available from medical supply firms and care providers. Some may be leased; others require purchasing. A basic list might consist of the following devices.

  1. Ambulatory Aids: This consists of a variety of devices capable of assisting with mobility. Among the many mobility assistive devices are:
    1. Canes
    2. Crutches
    3. Mobility scooters
    4. Walkers
    5. Wheelchairs – both manual and electric
      Home Medical Equipment, wheelchair
  2. Adult Nebulizers: Although small, this type of mechanism alters the form of liquid medicine, changing it into a more easily absorbed mist. Nebulizers can be either electric or battery-operated.
  3. Bathroom Aids: This is an expansive category consisting of several types of equipment designed to make it safer to use the bathroom. They reduce the risk of falls while improving security and stability when taking a bath or using the shower. These devices are helpful to both patient and caregiver. Common types include:
    1. Anti-slip grab bars
    2. Bath benches
    3. Commodes
    4. Shower chairs
  4. CPAP/BIPAP: If you suffer from sleep apnea one of these two devices will help you sleep safely and more soundly.
  5. Hospital Beds: If you have a two-story home and cannot negotiate stairs, a hospital bed can be an aid for caregivers and yourself. Hospital beds are one of the most common types of home medical equipment in Missoula Montana. They are:
    1. Electric
    2. Semi-electric
    3. Manual

There are also specialized hospital beds designed to address specific conditions or satisfy certain needs. In general, the beds act as a preventive measure. They are intended to stop the occurrence of bed or pressure sores. The addition of other safety devices such as bed rails will increase any related safety concerns. To reduce the cost, they can be rented rather than purchased. Other types of home medical equipment are available for those who require it. Portable oxygen is one example.

Making Life Easier for Patients and Caregivers

In Missoula Montana, making life easier for patients and caregivers at home is a priority of various providers. While hiring a professional caregiver may relieve the strain, renting or purchasing appropriate home medical equipment is often a more inclusive approach. It is one of the best ways to improve the health and safety of all involved parties.