Nursing Jobs in Missoula Montana

If you come to Montana, you are entering Big Sky Country. This state is known for its spectacular mountains and impressive rivers and glaciers. It is a wonderful place to travel to. It is an even better place to work, particularly if you are looking at the variety of nursing jobs in Missoula Montana available for those with the skill and compassion required.

Finding the Right Fit

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, you will fit right in. If you are looking for variety, then nursing jobs in Missoula Montana offer just that. Consider the options available for those who have chosen this professional career path. They range from working in a doctor’s office to being present at the operating table to visiting patients in their own homes.

Finding the right fit requires knowing yourself. It means having the experience, education and skills required to perform the job and knowing both your strengths and limitations. This will help you navigate the different options available.

In home nursing care; nursing jobs in Missoula, Montana

Types of Nursing Jobs in Missoula Montana

While many job openings are currently available, this list only looks at three currently in the highest demand.

  1. Registered nurse (RN): RNs continue to play a significant role in diverse types of healthcare settings. With an increase in their professional responsibilities, this is growth sector in the medical services provider sector.
  2. Licensed practical nurse (LPN): This professional provides patients with basic nursing care. LPNs work in association with registered nurses and others in the medical profession. Private and public companies often hire them to provide diverse types of care to the elderly and mobility-challenged in their homes, at various types of institutions, rehabilitation centers, hospice and similar facilities. Like other nursing jobs in Missoula Montana, the need for LPNs is expected by experts to grow concurrent with the increase in an aging population
  3. Nurse practitioner (NP): This type of nurse can function as a primary care provider in the state of Montana. NPs are trained in and can perform a variety of medical functions including assessing, diagnosing and interpreting medical tests. They are also able to prescribe medications. Such actions take place within a collaborative framework.

Nursing Jobs in Missoula Montana

As is true across America, the number and type of nursing jobs in Missoula Montana are dictated by market demand. Currently, the above types of nursing jobs are the most requested in this city. This can change, but current and forecasted statistics indicate this trend is to continue into the near future.