Services Offered By Hospice Companies

Individuals of any age with chronic and untreatable illnesses at the advanced stage can be served by hospice companies in and around Missoula, Montana. Hospice care is designed to focus on improving the quality of life for the individual, making them as comfortable as possible in their own home, a medical facility or a nursing home, assisted living community, or facilities managed by the hospice provider.

While hospice companies provide physical care services for the patient, they also play an important role for the family caregiver and the family. Understanding the services offered by hospice care helps families reach out for services for themselves and their loved one nearing the end of life.

Hospice care Missoula Montana

Addressing the Needs of the Patient, Caregivers, and Family

It is very common for families to want to remain at home. Many terminally ill patients in Missoula, Montana, also want to be at home surrounded by their family, friends, pets, and their familiar surroundings at this time. Hospice care in the home includes a range of services for the patient that also assist the caregivers in the family.

Each patient has a customized hospice plan. The plan is designed to make the patient as physically, mentally, and psychologically comfortable as possible. Medications are provided to support patient comfort but not to aggressively treat the condition or to attempt to prolong life.

Some of the common services offered to patients and caregivers include:

  • Nursing care – nurses come to the home to provide the necessary medications, make recommendations for medical equipment, and to help caregivers understand how to use medical equipment, administer medications, and answer questions to assist caregivers and the patient in all aspects of end of life.
  • Social workers – social workers provide support and counseling on all aspects of end of life. This includes helping the patient prepare for difficult conversations or saying their goodbyes. Social workers can also help the patient and family with referrals to other counselors and support, including ministers, pastors, chaplains, or other spiritual leaders who can provide guidance and comfort to the family and patient if requested.
  • Homecare aides – aides from hospice companies will come in on a regular schedule to assist with personal hygiene, dressing, changing bed linens, and other specific tasks determined by the treatment plan.
  • Volunteers – many hospice services have volunteers from the community who work with the patients to provide transportation, companionship, or respite services for the caregiver. This is important for the caregiver to avoid burnout at this difficult time.

When comparing hospice care programs in Missoula, Montana, consider your needs and the needs of your loved one. Look for programs that offer the services needed to help you and your family at this time of life.