Senior Home Health Care: When is it Necessary?

Increasingly, the elderly are choosing to stay in their homes. Rather than place the entire burden of their care on family, many are opting for professional home care. If you live in Missoula, Montana, senior home care is available from various companies. Yet, when does it become necessary?

Major Indications a Senior may Require Home Health Care

Is a senior you know in need of home health care? There are certain indications that this may well be the case. They are both physical and cognitive. Both are varied in the potential for influencing a decision whether senior home care is required presently or can be delayed until some future time. There are also senior memory care communities like the Summerfield of Stockton memory care community that can be a great option for seniors who need professional assistance.

Physical problems:

Physical problems can be temporary or of a permanent nature. These can impact everything from the ability to walk to the capability of attending to everyday activities. Physical problems can include but are not exclusive of the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Results of falls
  • Influenza and pneumonia

These issues vary in severity and the degree of physical impairment. Other problems may involve the ability to smell, see or hear.

Cognitive problems:

Cognitive problems may be more subtle in character. Like physical issues, cognitive problems vary in severity and extent. Among the more common ones are:

  • Lack of Attentiveness
  • State of confusion
  • Depression
  • Emotional issues
  • Forgetfulness e.g. medication
  • Inability to use language appropriately e. g. cannot remember words, misuses words
  • Memory loss

Many of the above are associated with the aging process. However, some are the result of other factors. Both situations require consulting with professionals. After careful consideration, hiring senior home care services may be necessary.

This is not to neglect other types of issues associated with aging individuals. These are sometimes reflected in behavior. They include

  1. Changes in Personality: This is a clear indication of something occurring affecting the characteristic behavior of the senior
  2. Emotional Difficulties: Emotional changes may be reflected in the senior withdrawing from social groups or social settings
  3. Loss of Interest: If an elderly individual loses interest in what previously mattered to him or her, whether it was a shopping trip or hanging out with friends, intervention might be necessary

Failing health is a clear indicator a senior may require some form of senior home care health services. These are available from various health care companies in Missoula, Montana.

A Chance to Stay at Home

Staying at home is one goal many seniors and their families strive to grant the wish for them to stay at home. Recognizing indications senior home care may be required helps to ensure this desire is met when it is needed.