What is a Home Health Aide?

In Missoula Montana, the health care system employs a variety of medical professionals and service providers. Nurses and doctors are two of the most commonly recognized practitioners. However, the system also trains and provides other skilled workers. A home health aide is one example of a skilled and trained individual.

What Does the Training Involve?

In Montana, the requirements are strict for those who wish to become a home health aide. A healthcare aide in Missoula Montana must complete one of the several training programs offered through the state and by healthcare companies. The training of at least 91 hours must be combined with a minimum of 16 clinical hours. A successful student must then pass a state competency evaluation.

Upon qualifying, he or she must register with the state even though no licensing is required. Some companies may urge further training to meet their high standards.

Home Health Aide in Missoula, Montana

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

A home health aide provides basic health care services to various types of patients or clients. These include three basic groups:

  1. The Elderly
  2. The Disabled
  3. Those who have a serious to severe illness

Among the services provided is in-home personal support. This requires training in the personal care of their patients. In this role, a home health aide may:

  • Aid in bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Patient transferal from a bed to a wheelchair or other device or object
  • Bed care
  • Ensure the patient is taking his or her medication
  • Apply and/or change simple wound dressings
  • Check blood sugar
  • Monitor blood pressure

These are the basics.

In addition to these tasks, homecare aides may also be requested or even required to perform various domestic tasks. Among these are housekeeping tasks such as doing the dishes. Meal preparation and serving may be another form of home care required by a healthcare agency. It all depends upon the expectations and purpose of the agency as to whether the home health aide may also be asked to execute other tasks such as grocery shopping, driving to and from medical appointments or accompanying the patient on social, medical or personal errands.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides fill a particular niche in the healthcare system. Like personal support workers, they provide specific at-home care. This allows the disabled, the elderly and the seriously ill to live in their homes. It grants them the dignity and independence they require while ensuring they continue to live their life. With the help of a home health aide, the elderly, the sick and the disabled can maintain much of the lifestyle they have always enjoyed.