Senior Home Health Care Services: In-Home Support Services

If you are the caregiver of a senior, in-home care services are available to remove some of the weight from your shoulders. The number of different in-home support services available in Missoula Montana is designed to reduce the stress and worry of ensuring your loved one is receiving the best care possible.

In-Home Health Care Services

Caregiving demands an enormous amount of energy. This is in addition to the tasks required to keep a senior healthy and enjoying their life. In-home care services can reduce the overall burden in many ways. You can receive help in any of several areas of caregiving including:

  • Household tasks: Sometimes performing household chores is too taxing. It can also interfere with the care of the patient.
  • Personal care: It is not always possible to address personal care issues alone. The situation or the medical condition of either the caregiver or the senior influences how easy or how difficult it is to perform these essential tasks. You may not be able to lift or roll the senior to perform ever a sponge bath. You may be unable to help him or her dress. While the presence of more than one helping hand may make it easier, assistive devices may need to be installed to reduce risks for the patient, the caregiver or any visiting professional.
  • Skilled nursing: A nurse can visit to make sure certain medical devices are functioning properly or medical issues are under control or progressing as indicated by the diagnosis and/or recommendation of the physicians involved.
  • Transportation: If you do not drive or cannot drive the senior to an appointment or a function or even to visit a senior center, someone who is always welcome. This allows you to take care of other chores that may be possible only when the senior is out of the house.
  • Respite: This allows you, the caregiver, to take some time for yourself, to attend to your affairs without feeling you are neglecting your loved one or leaving them to fend for themselves in an unsafe manner. You can even attend to other chores such as shopping, and addressing issues you can not handle over the phone or online. It can also simply be a mental health day.

These are all components of well-designed and compassionate in-home senior home care services. The development and implementation of any of these components require the development of an individualized home care plan. This can only be accomplished through an integrated approach, one that involves consultation with all affected and/or invested parties.

Senior Home Health Care Services

In Missoula Montana, in-home support is available from various organizations and companies. Many providers specialize in assisting seniors and their caregivers with senior home health care services. Under certain programs, many services can be paid for using Medicaid. Various eligibility requirements must be met to qualify.