Elderly Home Health Care Services: The Possibilities

The elderly no longer must choose between receiving health care in retirement/nursing homes and insufficient care in their homes. Those days are over. The health care services now available from various agencies allow seniors to remain in their homes, staying as long as possible, while holding on to their dignity and independence. The current state of elderly home health care services in Missoula Montana and other cities, towns and communities across America, make this possible – creating seemingly endless opportunities for medical personnel in caring for the elderly.

Factors Affecting Elderly Home Health Care Services

The current possibilities for home health care services for the elderly appear to be limitless. The specific amount and type of services for each senior depends on several factors affecting the individual. This includes the patient’s medical status and the home environment. They will not prevent home care but dictate or suggest the specific types and duration required to fulfill the needs of the patient. An assessment helps indicate the areas requiring specific focus.

Specific Type of Home Health Care Services

To illustrate the diversity of the system, consider the delivery system in Missoula Montana. Specific types of home health care services may include:

  • Skilled Nursing: Various types are scheduled to address specific and individual needs of the elderly patient.
  • Home adjustments: This includes modifications to make living at home easier. It could involve the installation of a ramp, the widening or removal of doors for easier wheelchair access or adjustments made to the bathroom.
  • Physical Therapy: This helps restore the ability to function and assisted or with aids, carry on with the activities of daily living
  • Personal Care: For those who have mobility issues or specific disabilities, personal care ensures daily routines of bathing/showering, hair care and related matters are taken care of. It helps restore confidence and prepares an elderly person to face the day with a sense of normality and/or makes sure he or she can receive guests or visit a shop or keep a dentist or doctor’s appointment with poise

These can range from service a few hours a week to regular service every day. They are tailored to meet the specific demands of the patient and to increase

A Viable Solution

Providing care for an elderly parent can be quite difficult and emotionally draining with options either too expensive or contentious to consider. However, elderly home health care services can reduce strain and stress. It can also provide what will work best for everyone.