Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be a scary diagnosis. The big concern is how blood pressure affects the heart and circulatory system. People with high blood pressure are more prone to heart attacks and strokes. Blood pressure medications like Amlodipine are very effective for individuals who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and need help lowering it. But as with any other health condition, prevention is your first line of defense. Here are some simple ways to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

Look For Ways to Reduce Stress

There are numerous issues with high blood pressure. Stress is a major factor in blood pressure issues. Have you ever felt your heart beat more rapidly and your face fill with blood as your stress levels went up? This is a good indicator that at least in that moment, your blood pressure is rising. Imagine feeling like that all the time. To reduce stress, try deep breathing. Some people like Yoga for its stress relieving benefits. You can also get more sleep, take breaks at work, listen to calming music, and stop booking your schedule back-to-back all the time. Some people even take supplements to reduce stress as well.

Lose Weight

Most people with high blood pressure are overweight or obese. Just reducing your weight by 10% if you’re overweight can start to lower your risk of high blood pressure and other related conditions. Work with your doctor to come up with a plan to help you lose those extra pounds. You can start by walking daily and trying to get in 10,000 steps. Boost your intake of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also try doing a challenge to get started on your weight loss journey.

Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

It’s no surprise that fresh produce is good for you. Fruits and vegetables contain countless nutrients that your body needs. Some of them can impact blood pressure directly. Beets and mangoes are two delicious options that you can incorporate easily into what you eat. Add a mango to a fruit and yogurt smoothie. Roast some beets in a little olive oil. By adding in more of these nutritious foods, you’ll naturally reduce your intake of less nutritious things.

Decrease Processed Food Intake

Processed foods are delicious. But the reality is they contain very little nutritional value and can cause high blood pressure directly. Fried foods, fatty processed meats, sugar, and candy are all things that you should only eat occasionally. When you’re trying to lower your blood pressure or reduce your risk of high blood pressure, these foods aren’t worth it. If you decrease your processed food intake, you’ll get to experience all the benefits of life without them.

Stop Your Smoking Habit

There are numerous reasons to stop smoking. Among them is that smoking increases your risk for high blood pressure. Smoking also boosts your risk of certain cancers, cavities, halitosis, and even bone loss. By quitting smoking, your lungs will start to heal, and you’ll reduce your risk of high blood pressure as well. Smoking can be a hard habit to kick, so it’s important to get help and support on your journey.

Reduce How Much Alcohol You Drink

Some experts say that men should only have up to 3 servings of alcohol per week, and that women should only have up to 2 servings per week. Many people drink alcohol daily however, and this habit can put you at risk for high blood pressure. If you’re using alcohol to reduce stress, there are plenty of more healthy ways to do this. Reducing your alcohol intake to a drink or two a week is an excellent way to improve your heart health and lower your risk for high blood pressure.

Exercise More Regularly

Exercising is about more than weight loss. It’s about staying active so that your body can be in peak health condition. Exercise improves your cardiovascular health, which in turn can lower your blood pressure. Start by adding in small amounts of exercise daily. Going for walks on your lunch break, walking on a treadmill while you watch your favorite show, and even building up to more vigorous exercise can benefit you greatly. Try something you enjoy so that you will stick with it. You don’t need to do a 5 mile run daily to stay healthy.