Five Reasons to Get Tested for HPV

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a dynamic sexually transmitted infection (STI) that ranges quite a bit. There are many strains of the virus. Even if you’ve only been having sex with one partner, you both could be asymptomatic because HPV can often go undetected. This is exactly the reason that you should get tested for it. It is particularly relevant in women because it can affect cervical health. Below are five reasons that you should get tested for HPV.

It Can Be Asymptomatic

One of the most important reasons to get tested for HPV is that it can be asymptomatic. HPV can go undetected for many years. Most men will never experience symptoms from HPV. Of course, men can still spread it, but they may have no idea that they are carrying the virus.

That’s one of the most important reasons for men to get tested, to stop the spread of the virus. Just because most men won’t have issues when they contract HPV doesn’t mean that they should live without worrying about it. HPV can spread to women and cause some serious health problems.

Stopping the Spread

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that asymptomatic carriers of a virus can spread it, leading to all kinds of health problems and deaths. HPV is a virus that can be spread very quickly by men and women alike, making it a great reason to get tested.

It doesn’t matter if you have recently had unprotected sex with someone who isn’t a consistent partner or have only been with one partner for years, getting tested for HPV is necessary for both men and women. Men don’t need to worry as much about symptoms, but women unfortunately do.

You Can Experience Symptoms

With so many different strains of HPV, it can impact the health of a person who contracts the virus. Men are usually asymptomatic, but HPV can lead to penile and throat cancers. Women have physical symptoms more commonly. 

The most common symptom is warts on the genitals, but there can be other physical symptoms. When you experience symptoms of HPV, it can be disturbing but it’s a blessing in disguise. Cervical cancer can be the result of undetected HPV contraction.

It Can Cause Cervical Cancer

Throat and penile cancer are possible results of HPV, but the most common form of cancer that it causes is cervical. Cervical cancer could be the result of HPV, especially when the virus is asymptomatic. 

Women should get tested for HPV not because they should be worried about HPV itself, the HPV can cause cervical cancer. If you have been vaccinated against HPV, you have less risk of cancer, but getting tested is never a bad idea. When a woman has undetected HPV, they can contract cervical cancer that leads to a lot of health problems, even death.

There is No Cure

There is no cure for HPV. There may not be any consequences for men who contract the virus asymptomatically, but it is always necessary to know that you have it regardless of whether it gives you symptoms or not. Should you develop symptoms, you will need to be treated.

Luckily, there are medications you can take to alleviate the symptoms, including getting rid of the warts on your genitals, but you won’t be able to get rid of it when you contract the virus. It’s important to keep tabs on it and get regular check-ups for cancer. This is why there is no use in feeling shame when it comes to testing for HPV or any other STI. Testing is the most important thing to stop their spread.

HPV is a dynamic virus that is transmitted sexually. You can go years without knowing you have it, but the virus can lead to health complications like cancer. It’s so important to know whether you are carrying HPV, especially if you are having unprotected sex with a new partner. If you have HPV as a man and don’t know it, you could spread it to your partner, and they could end up getting cancer if it goes undetected for long enough. That’s why it makes no sense not to get tested. There is no shame in it. Take a routine HPV screening today!