Top Android Apps for College Students to be Downloaded in 2021

Whether you attend one of the nation’s prominent traditional or online institutions, studying is vital for maintaining your grades and passing your examinations. While studying might entail hours spent at the library, it does not have to be so monotonous! As digital technology advances, there are an increasing number of college apps for students available to make studying more accessible and more enjoyable.

Traditional methods of learning are so 2002. Who has time these days to design paper flashcards and spend hours thumbing through textbooks? New phone and laptop applications make it simple to view your notes across devices at any time. These Android apps may help you focus, simplify, and boost your productivity simultaneously.

However, at times, you may get caught with other prior work, because of which, you may not get time to work on your college assignments. In such a scenario, you can quickly request online sites to “Do my essay cheap” and get your work done within your timeline.

Today, we offer you the top 8 Android Apps for College Students, which will undoubtedly make your life hassle-free and enable you to concentrate on the things that truly matter to you.

8 Useful Android Apps for Students

1. Any Do: Best Activity Planner App

This is among the most prominent to-do list applications for university students, who use it to create a to-do list of their assignments. When you have a tremendous amount of work, you may find yourself missing some things from time to time.

Instead of remembering each assignment, build a list of tasks in this university app for students and analyze as you do them. You can use it with your voice or with your touch. You may also use the app to sync additional devices linked to your phone so that you are readily reminded. Not only that, but you can also include a widget on your home screen to make it easier to access.

2. RefME:

 Do you dislike having to cite your writings and other research work? Then you are not alone.

Referencing may be a time-consuming procedure, particularly if you lose sight of which books and materials you’ve utilized. Fortunately, RefME has created a brilliant tool that streamlines the process of discovering and citing materials, sparing you effort (and endless headaches).

The app includes hundreds of open educational materials for new students, which may be a terrific location to start your scholarly reading and stimulate additional study. This saves you days of searching Google for relevant publications for your research.

However, its most essential selling point is its ability to quickly automate citations, reference lists, and appendices, allowing you lots of spare time to spend refining your content. How? Simply scan the barcodes of all the books and periodicals you use, and RefME will produce citations for you in seconds.

3. Office Lens:

 How often have you flicked through your college/university notes just to discover that you can’t read your scribbled writing style? With the introduction of Office Lens from Microsoft Windows, the era of scribbling down untidy notes during class is over.

Office Lens was created exclusively for children to make note-taking a little bit simpler. It captures images of papers, whiteboards, blackboards, notebooks, and other printed materials and turns them into customizable, shareable text that you may scribble on and share with others.

Is the lighting terrible? The software also has an auto feature that reduces glare and shadows from your photographs and helps you interpret photos captured from an awkward angle.

Open Lens, which is available for both ios, Android, and other critical operating platforms, is readily accessible, simple to use, and saves a significant amount of time while taking notes.

4. Oxford English Dictionary:

Tired of carrying hefty textbooks around most of the time? With the free phone edition of the Oxford English Dictionary from Oxford University Press, you can take your dictionary with you everywhere you go.

The Oxford Dictionary of English is acknowledged as the top reference in the English language – and a vital tool for all academics.

The smartphone app includes over 350,000 words, phrases, and definitions and over 75,000 audio pronunciations of specific, more tough vocabulary. Thanks to the applications ‘ regular alerts, you may even improve your vocab by learning a new word every day.

Don’t know how to spell a word? The software even features a nifty ‘voice’ and ‘fuzzy’ search option that allows you to locate a term even if you don’t know how to spell it.

5. Venmo:

 Venmo is an essential tool for any college student. The free software lets you send and receive money from your pals, making it simple to divide the cost of meals, beverages, and petrol. Or perhaps you need to ask your family for money back home. It’s as simple as a couple of taps. Moreover, Venmo does not trade user data and only gathers information to enhance the customer experience.

6. EdX:

 EdX is an internet software that allows students to take online classes from Ivy League universities like Berkeley and MIT. Computer science, law, literature, physics, medicine, and many more areas are available as online courses. In addition to courses, there are programs and degrees available, such as the MicroBachelors program, MicroMasters program, professional certificate, Xseries courses for a deeper grasp of a topic, and an online Master’s degree program.

7. Evernote:

Evernote is a program that will help you organize and prepare your notes. It allows you to sync your documents from other gadgets with Evernote, helping you to save all of your data in one location. The web clipper tool allows you to capture any portion of a text that you see online as a note if you require those details later.

There are also many templates available if you are a slacker when it comes to organizing. Another vital feature of this software is that you can browse your thoughts individually to get the particular snippet of data you need right now. There’s no need to use physical paper because Evernote allows you to scan files and save them. This assists you in viewing your document whenever you need them.

8. Grammarly:

Grammarly is an ultimate free online tool that will elevate your work to a whole new level. It will assist you with spelling and grammatical errors. It will also repair your style errors and highlight plagiarism in the material. Grammarly can suggest alternatives if you compose a sentence that is perhaps too long or if you can say precisely the same thing with fewer words.

Grammarly may also be installed anywhere and can repair emails and text messages. It’s almost magical, but you can’t say, “Hey Grammarly, revise my essay for me,” but it will substantially ease your writing. This program includes two payment levels based on how many individuals require individual access to it, but there is a free version that you can download right now.


There’s no doubt that being a student in the twenty-first century has benefits. This includes accessibility to cutting-edge applications and technology to aid with note-taking, multitasking, and other elements of student life.

We’ve highlighted some of the finest Android apps on the marketplace for students in 2021, from the top note-making apps for learners to assist you to concentrate and even save money. Start searching, downloading, and getting ready to make the most of your cell phone.