How to Treat Your Varicose Problem to Prevent It from Getting Worse

Varicose veins don’t always cause problems and in mild cases, making some lifestyle changes would suffice. However, with varicose veins being unsightly, many people take issue with their appearance affecting their self-esteem, especially if they’re too prominent. Aside from the aesthetic downside, some cases can lead to serious, painful problems such as skin ulcers, sores, and even blood clots, many of which over the counter metronidazole can successfully treat without invasive or extreme treatments. There are still other ways to treat varicose veins and hinder their progression in more extreme cases. To prevent the condition from worsening, here are some ways you can tackle your varicose problem right now.

Regular Exercise

Physical activity is among the best ways to improve blood flow and benefit your overall health, specifically your cardiovascular health. People who engage in frequent exercise are less likely to develop varicose veins and those who do have found that working out can prevent the condition’s progression by reducing the symptoms and preventing further complications. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Varicose veins can show that you’re not at a healthy weight and this is putting pressure on your legs and feet. Not to mention that if you’re overweight, the excess weight could make you susceptible to other vascular diseases. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight can ease the stress and symptoms of your varicose veins. As mentioned above, your legs, in particular, will feel the pressure if you’re overweight and this can cause new varicose veins to form. By monitoring your weight, you’re also reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and straining your cardiovascular system. 

Although there are some simple lifestyle changes you can implement to prevent your varicose problem from escalating. You will need to seek medical attention if the problem persists and you cannot get a handle on it. In other words, visit a doctor if you notice new varicose veins forming or are feeling any pain. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of medical treatment, wondering, what is a vein doctor called and what do they do? There’s no need to fret. Up to 20% of people will experience varicose veins in their lifetime. Doctors who specialize in this area will advise you on how to get your vascular condition under control and provide you with prevention methods and cures. 

Rest Your Feet and Avoid Crossing Your Legs   

Put your feet up and rest them whenever possible to reduce the pressure and ease the stress on your legs and feet. This will allow the blood to flow to head back towards your heart. If you are on your feet all day or your job requires you to do so, take frequent breaks to rest. Furthermore, avoid crossing your legs when sitting and switch the position of your legs frequently as this inhibits blood flow and can lead to the development of other vascular conditions.

Take Frequent Breaks 

As mentioned above, you must take frequent breaks if you’ve been standing for a long period to keep your blood flowing. The same applies if you have a desk job and sit for long periods of time. The lack of movement will affect blood flow and your legs will have been in the sitting position for too long. For this reason, you must take short breaks away from your desk by walking around to increase blood flow and get your legs moving.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can decrease blood flow and trigger varicose veins. This is because they put pressure on your legs and inhibit the blood flow and, therefore, can worsen your varicose issue. Comfortable clothing that’s not too tight will make it easier for you to move around and keep the blood flowing back up towards your heart. 

Wear Compression Stockings

Varicose veins are genetic, so if one of your parents had to deal with this issue, chances are you will, too. If the lifestyle changes you have made aren’t enough to reduce your varicose vein problem, consider wearing compression stockings. These will support your weakened veins and hinder the condition’s progression. Along with that, stockings will ease the symptoms and stress so long as they’re not too tight. Basically, make sure you wear a comfortable pair that isn’t too loose or too tight. On another note, you can consider an over-the-counter compression hose or discuss getting one with your medical care provider. You may also ask a professional like Venus Vein Clinic or Beach Cities Vein & Laser Center to discuss a treatment that can work for you.

Varicose veins happen when the one-way valve through which your veins carry blood is damaged. This results in Leg Vein Swelling and discomfort. To prevent the problem from getting worse, refer to this handy guide to improve blood flow, prevent painful conditions, and boost your confidence.