The Different Types Of Crystals Out In The Market And Their Uses In Your Everyday Life

With unlimited access to people’s experiences and testimonials, individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the physical and emotional suffering of their fellow men. As the negative effects of western medications continue to reveal themselves, society’s fondness for alternative medicine is growing. Alongside the spread of yoga, acupuncture therapy, and tai chi, the use of crystals in healing practices is becoming more and more popular. 

This article will discuss the various kinds of crystals people are using as natural remedies for many common physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. 


Known as the most powerful of all the crystals, this rare gemstone can help you transmute consciousness and aid in spiritual awakening. Moldavite, which can be found at, possesses high-frequency vibrations that even the most insensitive spirits can detect. It can be used to get to the bottom of deep-seated trauma that can cause emotional blockages. The removal of these blockages restores the free flow of energy in the body, which can improve bodily function and cure illnesses such as skin rashes, loss of eyesight, infertility, asthma, and other breathing difficulties. 


Often kept at the bedside of its owners, Amethyst is used for soothing anxiety and bringing upon great tranquility, both physical and emotional. These calming effects improve sleep and induce the sweetest of dreams. Its other uses include targeting the crown chakra and thus reducing migraines and recurring pain, while also empowering intuition. You may also experience improved skin, bone, and joint health through the use of this alluring purple crystal. 

Tiger’s Eye

Fear is a killer of progression, and Tiger’s Eye can assist you with overcoming self-doubt and lethargy caused by a lack of confidence. If you need a motivational power-up, then this stone is for you. One of the most enticing and eye-catching stones, this bronzy babe can kickstart your heart of gold by helping you make conscious, clear-headed decisions that will guide you towards your greatest aspirations.


The fiery appearance of this stone is a good representation of its powers. Through its detoxifying flush, it can send throughout your body, Carnelian is known to loosen muscles and ligaments, resulting in a more mobile and limber body. The warmth of this stone can restore libido and allow you to heal your sexuality. 

The vivacious is known to stimulate every aspect of human existence and can bring about creativity and heightened energy levels. The orange dominates the stone and is accented with flecks of red—-which serve as a reminder to keep the embers burning and to stoke the fire when things get dull. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a catch-all crystal that can do everything from quieting inner chatter to highlighting your deepest desires. This master healer can regulate the energy in your body by helping you discard negative energy that doesn’t serve you and absorbing positive energy that can spur along with progress. Its physical healing properties mimic its spiritual ones by being able to strengthen your immunity, which safeguards your health in the most fundamental aspect.  

Rose Quartz

It’s no surprise that this soft pink stone has everything to do with love. Vital and necessary for any kind of soul work, Rose Quartz can assist you to transcend suffering and find the unconditional love that may have been lost due to trauma or grief. Whether you are embarking down a spiritual path alone or have a partner by your side, this stone can revive in you a sense of love for all things. Aligned with the heart chakra, you will most certainly find deep inner-peace and self-love through working with this crystal. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Although there is no fast and easy route to your higher self, Lapis Lazuli is known to boost your receptivity to the powers of divine guidance. By enhancing your mind’s eye, you will develop a clearer sense of direction and self, along with improving communication. Working with this stone has been known to increase one’s understanding of both the physical and spiritual self. 


The dark and mysterious Obsidian has the power to help you become more vocal and forthright. By absorbing negative energies around you, it can help you come out of the shadows and make yourself be heard. Its reflective appearance is also embodied in its ability to help you look at yourself and avoid making mistakes. The physical perks of this stone include detoxification, better digestion, and relief from cramps. 

By working with stones, there lies potential in healing your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. By opting for this natural remedy, you can avoid toxic chemicals that carry many side effects and can leave a residue in your body. Clean and recharge your crystals often for them to function at their optimal strength.