How To Live With A Catheter As Normally As Possible

A catheter may have been some form of an unknown medical device for years before it came into your life, now it might be something that you have to use or are starting to look at for an option.

The human body is an incredibly complex and difficult thing to understand, and despite how strong and well-built the structure of the body is, it can be fraught with various conditions and ailments.

Every person’s experience with issues will vary, and physical stresses will always lead to trying to find a solution. With the bladder and private parts specifically, they can be very sensitive parts of the body mainly due to how much they are actually used. As humans do we naturally drink water and other liquids consistently on a daily basis, so the bladder is constantly being used and tested.

If there are issues, the best thing to do is try and deal with them straight away as it’s a tender part of the body and needs to be performing as best as possible. If you currently have a catheter or have been told you may need one soon, there are ways to manage and deal with this change in your life.

Yes things may seem daunting and a lifestyle change is something that everyone will have concerns about, but you can have the confidence there is relevant and trusted information or help out there to aid you in this process.

So What Are The Main Reasons People Need A Catheter?

Having to use a catheter may come as a shock to some people as it goes against what we inherently do physically. Over at Vante you can find all sorts of solutions and advice in this area. You don’t have to travel this road alone and the great thing about the world we live in today is the wealth of information out there on almost every topic.

People may need a catheter because:

  • They have bladder issues. This can be very coming and as mentioned before, the bladder is used many times on a daily basis so when it is not performing as it should be, it’s noticeable and may need some assistance
  • They are experiencing kidney problems. Sometimes what happens is if the kidneys are not able to filter liquids as effectively as they should be, this can have a detrimental effect on the bladder too which leads to a catheter being put in
  • Someone may have had an operation. Depending on the type of surgery, someone might lose slight control of their bladder and urination. This can be caused by medication and cause numbness which results in a lack of control
  • A person is in a coma or induced sleep and is not awake to physically control their urination habits

Once you understand the reasons as to why there may be a requirement to live with a catheter, you can approach things head-on and squash any anxieties you may have about the situation.

How Can I Control My Feelings Around My Catheter?

You may be feeling worried about the thought of living with a catheter, and there are lots of things you can look at to help control this new anxiety.

If you’re living with a catheter you could try:

  • Conferring with your health professional or doctor to get the very best medical advice on the correct practices and routines, to help with the day to day living
  • Speaking with other people who are living with catheters. There is nothing better than getting first-hand experience with an ailment and using the advice to help you personally
  • Looking online to see if there are ways to improve or lessen any discomfort. The internet is vast and the knowledge on every area of human life is deep
  • Writing down different ways you think you might be able to manage it yourself, then test each one out to see which ones stick and make you feel as comfortable as possible

The best thing to do is embrace this new process in your life and never be shy or ashamed about using a catheter. Your focus should be on how much it is benefitting your life, taking away any ongoing pain or discomfort. There are lots of good people in the world who will be willing to help you, plus those who have been through this experience before that you can speak with and get advice from.