How Organic Food is Making the World a Better Place

Some people might view organic food as just “that food that costs more” in the grocery aisle, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. If you are wondering why organic food is gaining so much popularity, there’s a ton of reasons.

Here is how organic food is really making the world a better place. 

Benefits To The Environment

Organic farms contribute to the overall health of the environment in ways that convention farming does not. For once pesticides and herbicides that can contaminate local water sources are used in organic farms. Because of this organic farmers are being much more friendly to their neighbors. These farms also have a healthier soil biodiversity and they use methods that promote land use for the long-term. Many conventional farms are mostly interested in producing the highest yield without focusing on sustainability. 

Organic Animals Are Healthier  

Organic animal products are derived from animals that have not been subjected to hormone treatment, or large amounts of antibiotics. They are also fed foods that are naturally ingested by members of that species. Conventional animal farming might mean that animals are placed in close quarters, and cows are fed unnatural foods like corn to fatten them up. These animals have lower qualities of life, and experience health problems from foods that they would otherwise not eat. A professional organic company named Cleaver’s uses grass fed animals for their organic meat, so their animals are in better health. Animals that are free range and grass fed tend to have a higher ratio of muscle content instead of fat. 

In some studies organic sources of dairy were also associated with lower risks of eczema in children. There may be some evidence that organic meat is more nutritious and has health benefits not associated with other forms of meat. Even if you’re not concerned about the health benefits, organic farming is a lot more compassionate to animals. If you are concerned about how animals are treated prior to consuming your meat, organic based farms are something you will definitely want to consider. 

Small Farmers Make More 

It’s no secret that organic food can cost more than it’s conventional alternatives. This is mostly to accomodate for the fact that more land needs to be used, and that there are lower yields on organic farms. However, organic farming can help farmers make more money because a larger portion of the earnings are placed in the farmer’s hands than with conventional farming. If you’re looking to support small farm owners and small businesses, purchasing organic food goes a long way to supporting families. Many if not most organic companies support the use of small farms in the sale of their products, whereas other companies may be working competitively against small farmers. 

Health Benefits Of Organic Food 

One of the major factors about organic farming is the fact that chemical or unhealthy pesticides and herbicides aren’t used. By contributing to organic companies, you’re making sure that farmers and their families are not being exposed to these chemicals unnecessarily. There are also lower instances of heavy metals being found in organic fertilizers, and this is beneficial for everyone’s health. 

Pesticides are increasingly being shown to have a negative impact on the neurodevelopment of children. While these effects may not be immediate, consuming organic food allows you to circumvent these sorts of negative consequences. There is also evidence that there are higher levels of polyphenols in organic foods. These plant based chemicals have been shown to reduce the development of diseases in the cardiovascular system. It makes sense that if plant foods are grown naturally, they’re more likely to have a benefit to the human body. 

Preservation Of Natural Food 

Organic food is never genetically modified in any way shape or form. While avoiding the pro’s and con’s of genetically modified foods, it is a good thing to keep natural foods in circulation. You’re preserving the historically used seeds that farmers have been using for generations, and they are able to grow without being dependent on pesticides for protection. Crops that are able to protect themselves from the elements and have a natural resistance to certain pests are certainly something we want to keep around. 

Organic food can contribute to those who are just looking to become healthier versions of themselves. It can also give peace of mind to people who are worried about how animals are treated on farms, or want to do their part for the environment. If you are a supporter of small businesses, organic companies often will help small farmers out more than conventional forms of farming. Whatever your reason for buying organic foods, it’s obvious that you’re contributing to making the world a better place.