Essential Equipment for Hassle-Free Painting


Sometimes, you will take a look around your room and think, “I need a change.” It would be convenient if you can just head into the workshop and grab your painting equipment. But you keep putting it off. The hassles of your outdated paint equipment must be daunting. Still, you want to repaint the walls so that they match your new bed. Here is the essential equipment list that will make painting your room, or any other thing, easier and hassle-free:

Essential Painting Equipment

Apart from DIY painting being cost-efficient, it is also a lot of fun. You get to save a ton of cash and the end results will have you glowing with pride. However, in order to maximize the fun aspect, the process must be hassle-free. Here are the tools you will need to achieve that.

1. Tape

Some of the things you will be painting will have you work around an object. For instance, if you are painting your room, you will want to work around the windows and not get paint on them. By placing tape around these objects, the hassle of carefully treading around the object will be removed. Another use will be to introduce the capacity for detailed work, such as creating stripes. Make sure the tape is not super-sticky as it could leave scrapes on the walls. 

2. Paint Sprayer

Part of the hassles of the painting includes spending a lot of time engaged in the activity itself. Paint sprayers can change that and save time on your next painting project. Though, you will need to find the right spray gun. The paint advisors over at Paint Sprayer Pro offer a wide range of paint sprayers on their website, each varying in price. The process for deciding on one can be tricky, so do your homework. Ideally, you will want to look for a paint sprayer that is reliable and versatile, yet still an affordable investment. 

3. Paintbrush

Aside from the paint sprayer, you will need to have a paintbrush. This tool is essential for reaching the small spaces that your sprayer may be unable to reach. Apart from that, a paintbrush will enable you to create small and detailed designs. It is best to gather different types and sizes of paint brushes, as each will have their different uses. That way, you will be removing the hassles all at once and your painting experience will be whole.

4. Ladder

Painting can sometimes involve reaching high areas. You may be tempted to stand on your chair, but doing so can lead to unhappy accidents. Your safest bet will be to use a ladder, which will remove the hassles out of the process. Look for a ladder that does not take up much space, preferably one that is compact enough to be stored in small spaces. Also, a ladder with adjustable heights will be better than the alternative. 

5. Drop Cloth

The most worrying part of painting comes once the job is finished. Cleaning up is one hassle that no one wants to deal with. By having a drop cloth placed strategically on the floors and furniture, clean up time will be less daunting and your furniture will be protected. Drips of paint will fall from your brush regardless of how careful you are, so make sure that you have covered all of the important areas and items in your space. Once you are done, it will be as easy as crumpling up the drop cloth and dumping it in the garbage. 

6. Paint Tray

Next to your paintbrush, you will need a paint tray. Though, most paint trays will be small, which will have you deal with the hassle of repeatedly refilling them throughout. For this reason, you will need to look for a paint tray that can occupy a gallon of paint. 

7. Paint Color Sample


Perhaps the largest inconvenience realizes midway through the project that the color is not what you wanted. A paint color sample can rectify this type of hassle by providing you with paint chips, online visualizers, and colored cards. They show you the real color of your paint, making it vital for the process of choosing the right paint color.

With the help of these essential pieces of equipment, you will be enjoying the perks of hassle-free painting in no time. However, with each tool, you will have to make a few considerations that depend on your budget and your needs. Though one thing is certain, they will make the experience enjoyable and have you complete your project quickly.