5 NBA Teams to Watch Out for in 2020

For an outsider, sports fans can be quite bizarre. Their passion and relentless support sometimes feel strange and unnerving, but if and when you do get into the world of sports, you will understand just why fans can be this passionate. It is an experience that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and it is totally worth it. Basketball, in particular, offers a unique viewing experience, unlike any other sport. The competitiveness of the matches and the brilliant athleticism of the players are quite interesting to behold. If you want to get into the world of basketball, then you needn’t look past the NBA to watch players at their prime. 

These are 5 NBA teams to watch out for in 2020, and their matches might be a good place to start. 

1. Milwaukee Bucks

If you checked different rankings, you will find the Milwaukee Bucks to be top contenders on most. There is a reason why these guys are hailed as one of the best teams in the NBA in 2020. They are currently on route for a whopping 70-win season, and they are giving out some remarkable performances in the process, too.  Their point differential per 100 possessions is staggering, and it is on par with the 1996-1997 Bulls’ record as the best since play-by-play data has been introduced. They are not invulnerable, though, as shown by some recent losses. But they are still the team to beat this year, and their matches should make for an excellent viewing experience for novices and avid fans alike. 

2. Memphis Grizzlies

These guys have been steadily improving this year, and their points per 100 possessions have seen considerable improvement over the past few months. While they might not be contenders, their matches offer a great viewing experience and a fun spectacle. They are also favorites for punters –– yes, a lot of people bet on basketball! As explained on Boyd’s Bets, even college basketball is a favorite for gamblers, because the matches are very competitive and you get better odds than the NBA. In any case, whether you are betting here or there, it is always best that you check expert insights into who the favorites are and why; it might just help you make a winning bet. 

3. Los Angeles Lakers 

How can you talk about the NBA without bringing up the Lakers? After the recent death of arguably their greatest superstar, things have changed forever for the Lakers. But will that bring down morale or be an extra incentive for the players to shine on? Time will tell, but the signs are looking good with some excellent performances by the team as they remain in the first place in the West, with a comfortable lead. With an incredible 31.8 fastbreak points, the Lakers aren’t slowing down and are slowly working towards their goals. They have some interesting matches coming up in the weeks to come, including interesting matchups against the Grizzlies and Pelicans. In any case, they are one of the must-watch teams, with one of the greatest NBA stars of all time at the helm –– LeBron James.

4. Toronto Raptors 

Fans will want to keep an eye out on the Raptors, who are on an 11-match streak with some seriously incredible performances. Their offense is as formidable as they come, with 129 points on just 97 possessions in a recent game against one of the best defenses around, and it makes them one of the most feared teams in the NBA. The Raptors are suffering from some injuries with their superstars, though, with Marc Gasol and Norman Powell suffering from a hamstring injury and a broken hand, respectively. So, it should be quite interesting to see how they play without some of the bigger names. 

5. LA Clippers 

The Clippers are already having a remarkable season, and all the signs point to them having a good run throughout the season. They scored a recent win over the Wolves, and they displayed why the team is a force to be reckoned with. The Clipper’s strength, though, lies with their superstars. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard have been leading the team to some impressive victories over some tough opponents, and their upcoming matches promise to be quite exciting. 

There are definitely quite a few teams to watch out for this season in the NBA, and you can rekindle or find a huge passion for basketball by watching some of those matches. The games are quite exciting with excellent displays of athleticism and talent by the world’s foremost athletes, so it’s time you started watching some basketball!