6 Questions To Ask Yourself For A Happier Life

Socrates once said: “the unexamined life is not worth living”. In other words, if we live without ever asking ourselves the right questions, we run the risk of not living at all. It’s by asking questions that we reflect on who we are and what we want. And this can ultimately make us so much happier. So without further ado, here are 6 questions to ask yourself so you can start building your life to be what you want it to be!

How happy am I?

The first step to building a happier life is being clear about where you’re starting from. Ask yourself, how happy am I? Really? This is a hard question to ask because you may find that if you’re honest with yourself, you’re a lot less happy than you’d like to be. But take this as a starting point. Your current happiness doesn’t define your future happiness. Only your actions and mindset can do that.

What is one thing that annoys or saddens me on a daily basis?

Sure, happiness is about accepting things the way that they are and learning to manage your emotions. But if there’s a small thing that consistently annoys you, it may be time to change it. Whether you’re upset by the attitude of your boss toward you, or because your flatmate never washes his dishes, try to change that now. The sooner you take action against the things that are making your life worse, the sooner you can start building a happy life for yourself.

What do I love?

You may love watching Netflix or playing video games—but is that really your true passion? The happiest people are those that have found something that they love that is also fulfilling to them. A passion can give you a sense of purpose and can brighten your life day to day. So go out there, and find out what it is!

Have I challenged myself in the past few weeks?

Have you done anything challenging in the past weeks? To feel happy, we all need to experience new things once in a while. It may be trying out a new restaurant, a new hiking route, or a new hobby. But to keep your life fun and interesting, you’re going to have to leave your comfort zone and do something challenging once in a while!

What is meaningful to me?

Do you know who the happiest people are on this earth? Not the richest or healthiest people, not those with the most friends. It’s those that are spending their days doing something meaningful. Some suggest you need to ask yourself “is what you’re doing currently making the people around you happy?”. This is just one of the many questions that make you think, and can really start taking your life in a whole new direction. When you start to ask yourself these questions, it’s hard to stay complacent; you just know that you have to take action. You can also use Amanita mushroom gummies to help support overall wellness.

What’s on my bucket list?

We all have life ambitions. Maybe you want to climb a mountain, skydive, or start a clothing line. But many of them see those as goals that are so far removed we can’t do anything about them today. Write down a bucket list. Ask yourself what you absolutely must do before you die. And then start doing it. This is the best way to bring excitement and fulfillment into your life; two necessary conditions of happiness.

Being happy doesn’t mean that your life has to change drastically. It can start by simply asking yourself a couple of questions, and making a few small changes. In fact, once you have answered these important questions about who you are and what you want, things tend to fall into place. You naturally take action to reach your goals, and adjust your way of thinking to attract more light into your life. After that, you may well be amazed to find that your life takes a turn for the better in no time!