6 Ways to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home

Cats are really nice pets once you get used to them. When they chose you to be theirs, then there is nothing that can come between you. But the thing about cats is that they take time to get accustomed to new surroundings and new people. 

So, we’ve come up with 6 helpful ways to make sure that your new cat feels comfortable with you at home.

1. Slow Introduction with One Room Only

Unlike dogs or other pets, cats are very cautious and need a longer time to scout the area fully before feeling comfortable. The best thing you can do for your cat is to expose it to one room at a time slowly and not the entire house suddenly on the first day. The room that it will scout and check out should have little bits of the cat’s stuff, whether it’s toys, blankets, the litter box, and anything that the cat is familiar with because it has its scent. 

2. Feed Their Scratching Urges

One of the habits of cats is scratching; it’s completely normal and it’s quite essential for them in so many ways. So, instead of preventing them from doing something that’s in their nature, you should have a lot of cat trees and scratching posts. It’s important to have these things around because it helps them flex their claws, mark their territories and belongings with their scent, and file their nails a little bit. Also, it’s a great thing for you because now they won’t scratch your furniture instead!  

3. Let It Explore the Rest of Your Home Later

After a short while, when they get used to their room, open the rest of the house or apartment for it, but remember to place each of the cats’ items all around the rooms. It will ease the exploration and scouting phase and make it faster; this happens because they smell and see something that belongs to them and will help them get more comfortable in each room. So, they would believe that the rest of the home is theirs and would feel a lot more relaxed.

4. Make Things Vertical for Them

Cats love to explore and observe things from higher grounds, meaning they want to be higher than ground level most of the time. This is the perfect opportunity to install some pathways or small wall staircases that takes them to the top of your bookshelf, or maybe a cat tower that’s positioned near the window. Remember to make these high areas, comfy for them, so add in a few cushions or small beds to take a nap and feel relaxed while they’re up there. The more they feel that the more they would feel happy and comfortable. Also, cats sleep a lot and sometimes they need their own space away from you; be sure to give that space to them.

5. Playtime with Boxes

Believe it or not, a box is probably one of the best things for your cat; it’s their favorite structure because it personifies confined spaces. Cats adore tight and closed areas; it’s in their nature to just get into a box and sit around or hide. They feel satisfied with boxes because it makes them feel extremely safe and well protected. Something simple like this can make them want to stay there and not leave at all; this greatly affects your cat’s perception of your home and would link it to complete comfort and safety. So, they will always be in a good mood and would love you even more.

6. Spending Time with Them

Cats love to feel appreciated, even when they don’t ask for it a lot, they still need your soft pats on the head. Petting your cats, playing with them, carrying them, and just having them sit on your lap is always a great way for them to feel happy and comfortable. You need to show them that you’re there and that this is your home together; it has to associate you with it every time, especially if your bond between each other is strong.  

Having one of these adorable cats as a pet can have such a great impact on your life, not to mention that you’d be giving that nice little furry friend a good and safe home with people that love it so much. They’re more than just pets for most people, they are part of the family. And if you want your cat to be happy and accept its surroundings, then you need to show it just how safe and relaxing your home could be.