7 Reasons To Install A Gas Fireplace in Your Home

There’s a certain appeal to the traditional wood burning fireplace that seems to draw a lot of people. After you’ve had one though, you tend to backtrack on this sort of romantic infatuation. They can be dirty and hard to maintain and downright unsafe. If you’re looking to install a fireplace in your home, there’s a myriad of reasons why you should install a gas fireplace installation.

1. Longevity Of Heat

If you’re using a wood fireplace, the logs are going to burn out eventually and need to be replaced. The benefit of having a gas fireplace will be that you won’t need to worry about this, the gas flow will be consistent and will offer heat continuously. This will create a temperature in the room that doesn’t fluctuate and will offer you more control over the heating.

2. Control Over Aesthetic

There’s a plethora of options to choose from when you’re deciding which type of fireplace installation you want in your house. Whereas a wood burning fireplace may be pre installed from previous home owners. Installing a gas fireplace gives you a ton of autonomy in picking a creative design that also comes off modern and sophisticated. The fireplace experts at the FireplaceLab’s website depict the designs that can be entertained with a modern gas fireplace. No more feeling like you’re living in the medieval era, you can complement a modern room with a modern fireplace accent.

3. They’re Far More Secure

When it comes to wood burning fireplaces, they aren’t the safest. You have to worry about embers potentially catching things on fire, and you may feel the need to keep an eye on the fireplace. Fires can spark up unexpectedly, and I’m sure you’d rather not turn your living room into a fireplace. Having a gas fireplace may even reduce insurance rates due to the potential dangers of having a traditional fireplace.

4. They Offer You Autonomy

When you’re using a wood fireplace you can’t set the heat to the exact temperature that you want it to be. If it starts getting too hot in the room, you’ll be out of luck as you wait for the temperature to go back down. When you have a gas fireplace you can set the temperature to the desired range, sit back and enjoy. No worrying about putting wood back on the fire or worrying about it being too cold or too hot. You also don’t need to be concerned about having the fire get out of hand on you and needing to have water nearby to douse it. 

5. Maintenance Is Low

The maintenance involved with wood fireplaces can be high, especially in regards to keeping the chimney clean. You’ll have to clear the ash out of the fireplace when it reaches a certain threshold and this can make a mess in your room. Gas fireplaces feature none of the above issues, and require minimal maintenance. This means you’ll spend less time on upkeep and more time just enjoying the fact you have a fireplace in your house.

6. No Worries About Ventilation

Worrying about chimneys also translates to concerns about ventilation with wood based fireplaces. With a gas fireplace you don’t need to concern yourself with making sure everything is ventilated like you do with a wood fireplace. If the chimney is blocked with a wood fireplace you’ll have to endure smoke in the house and it can be potentially dangerous, there’s no such cause for concern with a gas fireplace. The vents used for a gas chimney means that you can literally place it wherever you want in the house, where a wood based fireplace requires the chimney.

7. Better For The Environment

Given the excessive fires that have been taking place worldwide, nobody is feeling good about burning actual wood nowadays. If you’d like to do your part for the environment you can choose to use a gas fireplace. They also produce less carbon monoxide than wood burning fireplaces believe it or not, and that means having cleaner air inside and outside of your home. If you’re concerned about global warming, and trees, choosing a gas fireplace is a better option than a wood burning fireplace.

Gas fireplaces don’t run out of wood, and maintain heat in your house for a longer time, they’re also a lot safer than wood burning fireplaces. They’ll give you control to exact temperatures and you don’t need to get dirty keeping them clean. There’s plenty of modern options to choose from that will go well with any room, and they’ll keep your conscience clean with how much better they are for the environment.