Traveling with Your Dog? Check out These Pawsome Stays!

Spending time with man’s best friend, which may have tried services like, is never a dull moment. The enjoyment we get from spending time with our dogs is valuable for us because they can bring so much joy. Even just snoozing on the couch or going for a walk around the block is good for our health. 

What about traveling with your dog? Well, thankfully there are more options now than ever before for dog owners looking to bring their furry friends along for a nice little vacation. It used to be pretty restrictive trying to bring your dog along with you on travels, but it is a lot easier now when you consider these pawsome stays!

1. AirBnb

Airbnb is the new way for many dog owners to stay when visiting a new city or doing some travelling. Not only is this option quick, simple and cheap, but they offer a huge variety of houses and apartments to stay at. Among those options are plenty of dog friendly stays. Airbnb spots are owned by real people, and many of them are fellow dog owners so they understand how hard it can be to find good places to stay when travelling with a dog. Airbnb takes out the hassle by allowing you to find options that work for you and your pup!

2. Hotels

Traditional, but fancy. Hotels are offering more flexibility after taking criticism from dog owners for restricting their access to amenities because of pets. Dogs are now more welcome than ever in hotels. The drawback from hotels to Airbnb is that Airbnb is significantly cheaper, and there are more options in less hotel-dense areas in big cities. If you want that level of luxury and relaxation though, hotels offer the best total amount of options and can give your dog the type of room they like. Plus, hotel beds are pretty hard to beat in terms of comfort.

3. R/V and Camper Vans

For those dog owners that want a more rugged adventure with their dog, hitting the open road is always an option. No, you do not need to cram your stuff into your tiny little sedan which barely gives your dog some room. Owning an R/V or camper van gives you tons of freedom to hit the open road, but outfitting these vehicles is expensive and takes a lot of time. For those who do not own one of these vehicles but wants the experience of travelling the open road with their dog, you can always rent. 

Renting camper vans that are already equipped for livability and roadside camping is easy now because of mobile apps and internet rental services. These vans have more than enough space for you and your dog(s) to stay comfortable on hour long car rides. When you get tired, just pull over and let your dog get some running in while you stretch your legs. The flexibility of travel with a camper van or R/V is through the roof and offers an experience unlike any other. Your dog will love it too!

4. Cottage/Countryside Retreats

What could be better than avoiding the highways, the cities, and the hustle and bustle of modern day life? Not much can, so that is why cottage and countryside retreats are the perfect solution for you and your dog. The experts at Dog Friendly Retreats compiled an extensive list of retreats, location and cottages that are perfect options for getting away from the city and kicking back with some peace, quiet, and your dog by your side. Cottage retreats are crucially overlooked because many people do not know where to look.

Fortunately, the internet has offered us a look into locations that we could not even consider. These retreats are meant to allow you to relax with your dog too. There is nothing worse than booking a hotel room and finding out that it is not pet friendly. Cottages are awesome for a nice getaway to spend quality time with your dog, and have the room to play and enjoy the getaway.


Travelling with your dog is great for bonding and relaxation. Finding out that your travel accommodations are not open to furry guests is the opposite of that. What is great about the internet is that it offers ideas and inspiration on how to get out and travel with your dog, without the worry of pet unfriendly hotels. Vans, cottages, Airbnb and modern pet friendly hotels are all wonderful solutions to getting out and exploring or relaxing with your dog.