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Get To Know DJ Chunkiye, Missoula’s Premiere Turntablist

By AARON TRAYLOR - Chunkiye Moua is a Missoula native who has one of the largest followings of any mix master in the region.... more

Find the Perfect Band or DJ for Your Missoula Wedding

By AARON TRAYLOR - Here are some tips for helping you find the perfect Missoula band or DJ to entertain the guests at your wedding.... more

Things To Do in a Small Montana Town at Night

By AARON TRAYLOR - In most small towns in Montana, the city goes quiet as soon as the sun goes down. I'm here to help brainstorm ideas for entertaining you and your friends without big town entertainment.... more

Best Places on Mothers’ Day: A Missoula Top Five

By AARON TRAYLOR - Break out of the same old Mothers' Day routine with some new ideas for treating mom to a fun, memorable day in Missoula.... more

The DJ Is Dead! Long Live the DJ!

By AARON TRAYLOR - Now that anyone can DJ on their Mac, it seems there's been a major shift in the way people perceive DJs. It's changed Missoula nightlife, too.... more

Spring Break Fun in Missoula: A Few Unique Alternatives

By AARON TRAYLOR - There’s much more to spring break than hitting the bars on Ryman Street. I've got some ideas that range from yoga classes to giving back to the community.... more

Why Does Missoula Seem to Fear Change to Its Nightlife Routine?

By AARON TRAYLOR - From my experience, and from what I hear on the streets, it seems that this town really does not like change in their nightlife routine. Why is that?... more

A UM College Degree: Worth an Extra $20,000 a Year

By AARON TRAYLOR - A new Pew Research study indicates that a college degree is worth an extra $20K a year. Wish you'd stayed in school? Wish you'd dropped out?... more

Thursday Night in Missoula Is the New Friday

By AARON TRAYLOR - With more and more people hitting up bars and clubs before the weekend, Thursday has become the new Friday in Missoula.... more

Tuesday Night Comedy at the Lucky Strike

By AARON TRAYLOR - Tuesday Night Comedy is now an official mainstay at the Lucky Strike Bar and Casino.... more

Wanna Get on a Missoula DJ’s Nerves? Here’s How…

By AARON TRAYLOR - A handy guide to irritating Missoula's best DJs.... more

Missoula is for Lovers

By AARON TRAYLOR - The best spots to meet singles in Missoula.... more

A Guide to Missoula Bars & Nightlife on a Budget

By AARON TRAYLOR - If you've got an evening off that doesn't fall on a Friday or a Saturday, where do you go, what do you do? And how do you do it on a budget? This is where I can help.... more

Missoula New Year’s Eve Parties

By AARON TRAYLOR - Looking for Missoula New Year's parties? There are more options this year than ever before. Here's my top five picks for one final shebang before Armageddon arrives!... more