Things To Do in a Small Montana Town at Night


You live in a small town outside of Missoula. Perhaps Lolo? Pablo? Somewhere in between?

Many little towns surround our small city, some without a movie theater or bowling alley. Maybe the local authorities have even put a ban on outdoor fires.

As you may have already noticed, most of these areas roll up the streets when the sun goes down.

Sure, you could let it drive you nuts when trying to figure out what to do at night in a sleepy little country town. But why?

Don’t get too comfortable on the couch. We are here to help brainstorm some ideas on how to entertain you and your friends in an area that lacks big ticket entertainment.

We’ll start, and you can chime in below to add to the list of fun things to do in a small town at night:

Main Street, Small Town, USA

Walk Around Town

Simply step outside your door. Take a new route, or perhaps go down a street that you’ve seen but never explored. It’s always a good idea to do this with a friend, and not if it’s so dark you can barely see.

Host a Mystery Dinner

Similar to a true-to-life game of Clue. Dress up! Have everyone play a different character.

Film a Music Video

Grab any video camera, build props, write your own song or sing a familiar tune. Roll tape! Always fun to watch a few years later, too.

Hockey or Broomball

In a small town you have the advantage of less traffic. Game on!

Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues all over the the town leading to a big prize. Perhaps at the finish line serve up some food. If everyone participates, most will want to reward themselves with a well-deserved snack following the adventure.

Ice Cream Sunday

The night before the workweek is always the most boring in a small town. Round up the friends and ask them to bring a different ice cream topping to share. Just be ready for a sugar high and a difficult night sleeping.

Roller Skating

Heck, just hit the pavement and cruise around. Perhaps a little disco thrown in for good fun? Bell bottoms from Mom or Dad’s closet, and Aunt Sue’s wig should do the trick. Again, be careful in the dark. Stay in well lit areas.

Pick a Letter Costume Party

Choose any letter in the alphabet, dress up as something that starts with the letter. For example, “B” could mean that you dress up as Batman, or Betty White. Simple, easy and unpredictable fun!

A Traveling Dinner Party

Start at one person’s house for appetizers, roam to the next for the main course, and then continue to graze for dessert elsewhere.

Dance-Off Challenge

Someone is about to get served. Bring your A game.


Bring your own…ramen. Stir everyone’s mixture in a pot and serve.

Traditional Sports

Football, Basketball. Sure. But think outside of the box. Perhaps high wire balancing acts? Just tie a strong rope to two trees. High jump? Start on pavement and launch into a soft spread of sand.

Skit Night

Each person has to come with a performance to share. Heck, even Gong Show or American Idol auditions in your backyard. Again, roll tape!

These are just a few suggestions and there are bound to be more. That’s why at this time we will pass it off to you! What are some fun ideas to entertain yourself at night in a small town? Leave your suggestions in the comment box below.


Missoula DJ Aaron Traylor blogs about local nightlife, the music scene, and generally fun things to do in Zoo Town. Check out his archive for more tips and ideas for going out in Missoula.


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