Thursday Night in Missoula Is the New Friday


Patterns are forming in Missoula and all around the nation.

In the past ten years, there are quite a few more people who work less and party more. As a result, one day of the workweek is now reforming to accommodate our lives. And now it seems that the amount of people seen at bars and restaurants are quite high for Thursday nights.

Thursday has recently become the new Friday in Missoula.

Here’s what’s happening. Students across the nation are reportedly now trying to organize their schedule so they don’t have classes Friday morning, and thus, can go out Thursday night. Many students I’ve met at our university also admit to shifting their schedules to enjoy this night instead.

Also, a large number of companies have a more relaxed day on Friday where employees are not expected to get as much done, and may get in later which allows them to stay out later on Thursday. People know that Friday nights at bars and restaurants can get out of control with crowds, so they are going out Thursday instead.

Workers really seem to love the sound of “TGIT”.

Here's to Thursday nights!

Here's to Thursday nights!

According to Scientific American Journal, 82 percent would prefer to get all of their work done before Friday comes around. Good news for a longer weekend, not so much for the health of your four-day workweek.

Many observers of the trend worry that longer days may cause exhaustion and lack of detail. More time at work could also mean more eating out since you aren’t home much.

Respondents of a recent survey who follow this weekly pattern have noticed a 30% increase in munching fast food and working out less.

I’ve seen a bigger upswing at the venues where I DJ, and many other entertainers in this town seem to prefer the energy of Thursday nights over any other day. I’ve very much noticed a trend with many of the people I know who work Monday-Friday as well. I often notice that we all seem to recharge on Fridays, only to go out and hit it up again on Saturday.

As we carry on with our daily lives in this great town with an amazing nightlife scene, we always find ways to be more efficient at work or school to enjoy more leisure time. Thursdays and a three-day weekend seems to be the priority.

It’s good for reducing stress, it allows you to be more social, more yourself. Missoula loves it. It’s really that simple.

See you Thursday!


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