Tuesday Night Comedy at the Lucky Strike


Tuesday Night Comedy is now an official mainstay at the Lucky Strike Bar and Casino.

The Strike has teamed up with one of the premiere comedy production leaders in the nation. TribbleRun shows feature some of the top national touring comedians, some you may have caught on television shows such as Letterman, Leno, and Craig Furgusson.

The TribbleRun is a series of one-night comedy performances in venues all over the Northwest region of the United States, and according to their website, are “linked together to form three to six night ‘runs’ appropriately called ‘Tribbleruns’.

This way, the production company can offer up some of the best quality live comedy to regions not unlike Missoula.

Better still, locals are almost always more than welcome to test their skill on stage as the Lucky Strike allows amateur performers to cut their teeth in front of a live audience. You gotta start somewhere, right? Here’s your chance. Just make sure to invite your friends so they can root you on!

Now every week you can see some of the finest local and out of town comedians take to the stage at The Lucky Strike Casino. Following the final act, you can dance the night away with Kaleidoscope Entertainment and also cash in some of your fifteen minutes of fame by singing to your favorite karaoke songs.

February 21 Carly McMenonan and Matt Golightly will take the stage to entertain Missoula.

Carly as been doing stand up comedy before she even knew how to stand up. With a reputation as “the naughtiest nice girl you’ll ever meet”, you are sure to get some jokes that will urge you out of your comfort zone while making you smile due to her infectious sweetness.

Matt has been a comedian for nearly 8 years and has the talent of being able to adapt to any audience. Most notably, Golightly has been recently featured on the Bob and Tom Radio Show and even Fox TV with Kevin Ferguson.

Curious to know who’s going to be on stage in the upcoming weeks? Hit up the TribbleRun website and get the month long calendar lineup. Or better still, make sure to tune into my radio show that day for live interviews, afternoons from 2pm-7pm on 107.5 Zoo FM
, where the featured and headlining comedians that are touring through the area to entertain our town join me on the air for some live jokes and banter.

I also might kick down a free pass or two to some lucky listeners. Tuesdays have just become much more exciting in Missoula.

We will see you Tuesdays at The Strike!

Tuesday Night Comedy at The Lucky Strike

21 and older

Show at 8pm

1515 Dearborn Avenue

Missoula, MT 59801-7810

(406) 549-4152

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