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Mom Help: Top 10 Toddler Hot Spots in Missoula

By KIM S. - Whether you're a new mom and dad, grandparent, or babysitter it’s imperative that you have a go-to list of a couple Toddler Hot Spots here in Missoula.... more

Mom Help: 16 Things to Prepare for Your Hospital Stay

By KIM S. - As a mom who had 3 C-sections the lists was pretty simple as for what to bring and not bring for our stay at the hospital. Here's my list of 16 MUST haves.... more

Activities for Kids in Missoula: The Missoula Taekwondo Center

By KIM S. - In a building off South Avenue here in Missoula is a unique opportunity for you and your children to learn the art of Taekwondo. ... more

406 Mom: Mommy and Me Book Club

By KIM S. - Prior to having kids I used to read a book every now and again. I was even in a book club. This winter I decided to restart the club but as a mommy and me book club. ... more

406 Mom: My Kids’ Obsession with FROZEN

By KIM S.- I might be the only parent out there who was sort of dreading the release of Disney’s Frozen on DVD. Now, my 4 and 5 year old's obsession has gone into overdrive.... more

MISA Offers Toddler Time Soccer Basics

By KIM S. - Since moving to Missoula am still trying to learn all the new “places” to take my kids. This week I was excited to find MISA - the Missoula Indoor Soccer Arena.... more

Prepping Kids for Grizzly Game Day

By KIM S. - In addition to dressing our kids to the nines for game day,safety is our number one priority. Here are some Grizzly game day safety tips for parents with little ones. ... more