406 Mom: My Kids’ Obsession with FROZEN


FrozenFor weeks I went back and forth between dreading and being excited for the release of Frozen on DVD.  There I said it. I might be the only parent out there who was sort of dreading the release of Disney’s Frozen on DVD. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie itself. The story line was great (glad to see that sisters saved the day not some enchanted Prince). The music WAS great.  However, as a mother with two little girls ages 4 and 5, I have found my excitement over the DVD’s release date is dwindling a little bit each day.  Much as I suspected now that we own it, the Elsa and Anna obsession has gone into overdrive.

A normal day for us now consists of the song “Let It Go” being sung over and over and over again.   Sprinkle in arguments over how one should sing the 2-3 lines (that are sung over and over again) and the required hand movement to be just like Elsa (mom does hand to forehead here).  It’s an hourly occurrence in our house to hear singing and see them running around the house casting ice spells.

frozenThen more arguing over who is Elsa and who is Anna.  Yes, not everyone can be Elsa and it appears Anna isn’t as popular.   Also it’s not a complement to be the snowman either (mom shrugs shoulders).  Despite all the frustrating moments where between grinding teeth I ask them to stop singing so I can hear the cashier or some other adult, I do find their joy for this movie a pleasant reminder of how exciting childhood is. How your imagination allows you to live in an ice castle that looks more like your brother’s bedroom and how wearing a pair of mom’s old Miss Montana heels completes your Elsa spell casting gown.  Ahh to be a kid again!

For all of you who have been waiting for the DVD to come out I have good news! You don’t have to wait much longer! The DVD will be released on March 18th at Missoula retailers everywhere such as Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart to name a few.  If you can’t wait that long and/or prefer the digital copy you can download it currently on iTunes and Amazon.

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