Mom Help: Top 10 Toddler Hot Spots in Missoula


Whether you’re a new mom and dad experiencing the joys of toddlerhood for the first time, or parents with several little ones under foot, grandparent, or babysitter it’s imperative that you have a go-to list of a couple Toddler Hot Spots here in Missoula. As a mother with three kiddos I have found this list is crucial in helping moms survive long weeks or providing great opportunities for our little one to explore and maybe meet a new buddy (grownups you might meet one too!).  I hope you enjoy and if you know of any other great places please help your fellow momma’s out and email, text, or tweet me the details!

  1. Mismo or Bitterroot Gymnastics

    Playing on the SeeSaw. Photo courtesy of Silver Summit All Abilities Playground.

    Open Gym play time- See our Calendar for days/times. Make sure they dress comfortable- lots to play/jump/and climb on. Bring water and a snack as your kiddos will be hitting you up at the vending machines!

  2. Dragons Hollow Playground– as much as I love this place I have to warn you if you go during times when the older kids are out of school or on holidays… it’s BUSY! So make sure to go before you little one’s naptime and you should have the place to yourself and a couple other mommas. Additionally, I must say this park makes me a little nervous because of lack of visibility within the structures themselves. However, the kids love this park!
  3. A walk/stroller ride around UM Campus– pack snacks, drinks, blanket, and a book!
  4. The Children’s Museum– you will want to pack an extra outfit for the little ones. The water table gets us every time.
  5. Missoula Public Library– I know what your saying- NOT the library. But with books, and blocks you will find the library is a great place to slow even the busiest of moms down for one-on-one reading time. Also, despite your fears it’s a great opportunity to work on being quiet and sharing with other little ones! Check our calendar for story times and different programs available.
  6. Silver Summit All-Abilities Playground– Make sure to bring your sunscreen, a snack and drinks! It’s easy to forget the time here and before you know it your little one might be rocking a small sunburn but will have the biggest smile at the same time.
  7. IMG_0300 (2)Barnes and Noble Story time– The best part about this story time is that you can also grab a snack, maybe a book/magazine for mom, and then if the kiddos are really lucky stop by and see the fish/animals at PetSmart!
  8. Lowell School playground– I must admit I have never been here with my crew but it comes recommended to me by one of my trusty moms! She says it has a good toddler section and a spray park.
  9. Bonner Park/Spray Park– This was the very first park we visited upon moving to Missoula. During the summer we love to stop by the local Dairy Queen and bring our treats here to enjoy. Make sure to pack clean up supplies and extra hand sanitizers’ cause the bathrooms only have sinks.
  10. McCormick Riverfront Trail Park – This trail is great for a low impact but family friendly walk. Walking along the river and by the University you will find many opportunities to let your little one out of the stroller to stretch those little legs. Remember to pack comfy shoes for the little ones that want to walk with you and to visit the potty prior to leaving the trailhead by Currents.


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