Prepping Kids for Grizzly Game Day


Here we go Grizzlies!  Okay so unlike other blog posts you might find on Make it Missoula that have the topic of football in their subject line this one is not about stats, players, or strategies. Nope. This is just a quick one about a Mom getting her cheer squad ready for a season of college and professional football games.

Most moms have fun when it comes to dressing their little one’s up for game day.  I fit this description and might even fit the profile of the mom who goes a wee bit over board.  In addition to great game day clothes, safety is our number one priority.

Having 3 kids under the age of 6 one of the first things that comes to mind is ear protection cause you know it’s going to be loud!  We ordered Baby Banz in Silver. Here is JayZ with his little one wearing their Pacific Blue.

Baby Banz

With so much activity going on, it’s a great idea to be prepared in the event you are ever separated from your kids. Here is a great solution by Tottoos,  for those who might be too young to remember all your contact information.


Once safety is accounted for it’s always fun to plan out what to wear and how to get into the spirit. This year our crew is excited to rock our team’s colors by wearing the new mustache from!


Let the countdown begin for an exciting fall! I can’t wait for our kids to experience their first UM football game and share our many memories with them.

What are some things you pack for your kid’s safety at sporting events?


Kim StaningerKim is a former city girl, married to an outdoorsman, and a mother of three (Shortcake, Tink, and Turbo). When not burning toast, helping the little ones talk through meltdowns, and teaching ABC’s and 123’s, Kim (aka 406 Mom) is exploring Montana and making it her home.  You can find Kim on Instagram or Twitter at @StingNest, and many of her Missoula adventures and mommy memos here on….406 Mom.