406 Mom: Mommy and Me Book Club


Flat Stanley AmazonReading a book.  Reading several books. This was something I used to do prior to having kids. There was a group of ladies who would get together once a month and discuss a book we had all agreed upon previously.  We would enjoy wine, comfort food like carbs and chocolate, more wine, and then more food. Well, those days have come and gone for now but the love of reading remains. In fact this winter I decided I would restart the book club but as a Mommy and Me book club.

Prior to our first book club meeting one of my mommy friends set out a series of books in front of the kids some time after Christmas and asked the kids (boys and girls) which one they would like to read. Then we all set out to have our first book club meeting! The first book was Flat Stanley by James Brown.

Upon arrival at the meeting the kids enjoyed snacks like gummy worms, fruit, crackers, and cookies.  After a quick snack the kids began making their own bookmarks and coloring their Flat Stanley.  Then thanks to one of the moms who happens to be a teacher we were able to get all the kids to sit down and answer some questions about the book (this was harder then you think). Then we cut them loose for some playtime!

406 Mom Book Club

Overall we had fun and most importantly the kids enjoyed reading a book with their Moms!

If you would like to follow along with us we’re reading for our next meeting the second book in the Flat Stanley series, “Stanley and the Magic Lamp”.

As for the Moms- starting at the next meeting we will be picking out our book and making a plan! Stay tuned!!

Happy Reading,

406 Mom


Kim StaningerKim is a former city girl, married to an outdoorsman, and a mother of three (Shortcake, Tink, and Turbo). When not burning toast, helping the little ones talk through meltdowns, and teaching ABC’s and 123’s, Kim (aka 406 Mom) is exploring Montana and making it her home.  You can find Kim on Instagram or Twitter at @StingNest, and many of her Missoula adventures and mommy memos here on….406 Mom.