Run Wild Missoula Contributes $20,000 to Hellgate Track Resurfacing Project

Run Wild Missoula has contributed $20,000 to the resurfacing of Hellgate Track at John Toole Park (Riverbowl). Missoula XC TF, the nonprofit fiscal sponsor of the project, estimates the total cost of the project is approximately $250,000.

“We are pleased to have contributed to this significant community project,” said Carol Lipp, president of Run Wild Missoula’s board of directors. “On behalf of all our members, our hope is it will create excitement and awareness of the need for the resurfacing project and encourage other community members, businesses and foundations to support it as well.”

Missoula XC TF encourages community members to give by contacting Hellgate High School Track Coach Alan Pfister at 728-2400 extension 6512 or . They are kicking off their fundraising campaign with the Knight River Run 5K on March 28. (Registration information for the Knight River Run)

“This generous gift comes at a great time for us,” remarked Hellgate High School Track Coach Alan Pfister. “We are hosting a fundraising 5K on March 28 and plan to launch our fundraising campaign soon.”

The resurfacing of Hellgate Track fits Run Wild Missoula’s mission to support and promote running and walking as sports for people of all ages and abilities. The track is managed by Hellgate High School, but it is also available for the community to use. Half of the property is owned by Missoula County Public School while the other half is owned by the City of Missoula, making the improvements beneficial to high school students and community members.

“The resurfacing of the track will be a great asset to the running community,” said Eva Dunn-Froebig, Run Wild Missoula’s executive director. “Our hope is that Run Wild Missoula will be able to use the track to enhance our existing programming and that the improvements will encourage Run Wild Missoula’s 1,600 plus members and our community to be active and use the track to improve fitness.”

Run Wild Missoula also recently contributed $16,000 to the renovation of the M trailhead, $1,000 to Missoula Youth Track and $1,000 to the Missoula Middle School Cross Country Program. Run Wild Missoula invests in projects within the community that support and promote running and walking. The gift to help resurface Hellgate Track is Run Wild Missoula’s largest donation to date.