Tips For Finding A Dependable Home Oxygen Supplier In Missoula Montana

Individuals of all ages may require some time of oxygen therapy or support. For some, this may be used for a specific period of time during recovery after an illness or treatment, while for others, it may be a lifelong requirement.

When a loved one remains at home and requires oxygen, finding a reliable, dependable, and responsive home oxygen supplier is always an important first step. There are different possibilities to consider in the Missoula, Montana, area, and choosing the best match for your needs is important.

The Right Equipment 

There are different options in oxygen equipment on the market today. Patients and their families should discuss the types of oxygen systems that match the individual’s health needs, lifestyle, and activity level.

The new technology and options in oxygen equipment provide systems, including oxygen concentrators, that can be used outside of the home. In addition, larger and less mobile systems are often the preferred choice in a home. The home oxygen supplier you choose should be familiar with the oxygen system your doctor has recommended.

Three Solutions

A home oxygen supplier should offer solutions for the three types of oxygen systems. One option is a compressed gas system, which uses a large concentrator in the home and a small oxygen tank that can be taken with you if you leave the home.

The second option is a portable oxygen concentrator, which is often a backpack system or mounted to a small wheeled cart. This system requires no tanks and can be charged by connecting to the outlet in a vehicle if you are not at home.

The third option uses liquid oxygen. This system has a reservoir and a small tank that you fill as needed for use when you leave home for a short to long period of time.

The old style of large, heavy E tanks for oxygen are not used as often, thanks to new technology. However, for some people, these may be the best option depending on their oxygen needs, mobility, and activity levels. Those who are homebound or non-ambulatory may find these systems are the best option.

Additional Equipment and Services

In and around Missoula, Montana, choosing a home oxygen supplier that provides home medical equipment is also an important consideration. Check the types of equipment the supplier offers to streamline the number of different suppliers required to care for your loved one’s needs.

Finally, consider the availability of the supplier. There are home medical equipment companies that offer 24/7 service, which provides peace of mind for caregivers throughout the area. Ideally, these are the best suppliers to choose from as they are always available if there is a problem with equipment or an urgent need for oxygen supplies.