Can Tongkat Ali Extract Be Used to Negate Hypogonadism Caused by High Opioid Dosage?

There have been a few studies completed recently that looked at how hypogonadism is linked to higher long-term opioid doses. While some people need prescription pain medications to get through the day, you’re putting your body at risk with long-term use. The recent results showing opioids being linked to hypogonadism put the reproductive health of men and women at risk and subsequently can lead to a couple experiencing infertility. You don’t have to stop taking your pain medication but you should begin taking Tongkat Ali Extract to help negate the risk and keep your hormone levels in check.

What is Hypogonadism & How Does Tongkat Ali Extract Help Reverse It?

If you’re taking high doses of prescription pain medication, you should be aware of what hypogonadism is so that you can help prevent or stop the condition from worsening. It can happen in men or women and can happen at birth, during childhood, or throughout the adult years. This medical condition means that the ovaries or testes aren’t working properly. When hypogonadism impacts women, it means that estrogen isn’t being produced as it should, and in men, it affects testosterone and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Dealing with hypogonadism after you’ve hit puberty means that you could have long-term sexual and reproductive health issues. For men and women this could mean that you’re less likely to conceive and will be less fertile. Sexual difficulties can also occur in both men and women, such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. As a female, you might also lose your period or have abnormal periods. Both hormone replacement therapy and assistance getting pregnant are possible treatments. Instead of going through years of difficulties conceiving a child, Tongkat Ali Extract can help improve the symptoms related to hypogonadism in adulthood.

Ways in Which Tongkat Ali Extract Improves Sexual & Reproductive Health

One study that looked at Tongkat Ali Extract as a testosterone booster for men managing late-onset hypogonadism found that it improved symptoms significantly. This study showed that just 200mg of Tongkat Ali Extract boosted testosterone levels and improved the other symptoms associated with the disease. You can take 200mg or 300mg safely for nine to ten months without any issue. This herbal supplement offers a lot of benefits when it comes to reproductive health, especially for men.

Makes Sperm Healthier & Increases Production

Men that are dealing with hypogonadism as a result of long-term opioid use will be happy to know Tongkat Ali Extract helps keep the sperm healthy and increases the production of sperm. Instead of looking at hormone replacement therapy, herbal supplements offer an alternative with no side effects.

Taking 200mg per day for up to nine months of this supplement will improve the quality of the sperm, increase the number of normal sperm, and will also help improve sperm concentration. The volume of sperm and motility of the sperm is also greatly enhanced using Tongkat Ali Extract regularly. Once the sperm has been given a boost, it will increase the odds of conception according to the study, Eurycoma longifolia Jack in managing idiopathic male infertility.

Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

Tongkat Ali Extract has long been used to help prevent erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile dysfunction often have difficulties maintaining an erection, which makes it nearly impossible to have sex. This supplement will give men fuller and harder erections, which will boost their sexual enjoyment and experience. The supplement has been used as a natural alternative to Viagra and works in very similar ways to help men with this issue. Men experiencing ED may also consult with a TRT physician to find a suitable treatment.

Can Increase Testosterone in Both Men and Women

Testosterone is the key sex hormone and the amount of testosterone is drastically altered if you have hypogonadism. Taking Tongkat Ali Extract will elevate the levels of testosterone in your system and can increase free testosterone in women. Both men and women need this hormone for reproductive health and it aids in conceiving a child. The more testosterone you have in your body, the more sexual desire you will feel and it will also increase libido.

Decreases Osteoporosis Risk

Testosterone is important for the healthy development of bones and is required to keep bones healthy. When you have lower testosterone levels this puts you at risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common in older women and happens when hormone levels decrease.

You need Vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium to keep these bones strong and testosterone helps encourage the hormone levels to rise. For women suffering from hypogonadism, it’s important to boost testosterone and other hormones to ensure that their bones stay strong and healthy as they age. Men also suffer from osteoporosis although it’s less common.