Why Are Celebrities Turning To Cryotherapy?

Do you know celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, Daniel Craig, Lindsay Lohan, and Cristiano Ronaldo use cryotherapy? The treatment has become quite famous among celebrities over the past few years.

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy that exposes the body to extremely low temperatures. It helps in reducing muscular inflammation, removing toxins, treating tissue lesions, and much more.

There are many places in Los Angeles providing the therapy. You can find everything about cryotherapy in detail on Know About Health: Cryotherapy. It will give you a clear idea of where you can get the therapy and how it is beneficial for you.

The therapy provides a wide variety of benefits that have drawn celebrities toward it. This article will walk you through the reasons why LA celebrities use cryotherapy. So, keep on reading to know more about it.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is an effective way of improving your physical and mental wellness. It is also known as cold therapy, as it uses low temperatures in any medical treatment. The body is exposed to temperatures ranging between 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may opt for cryotherapy in a single area or go for whole-body cryotherapy.  There are various ways of performing localized cryotherapy that include ice baths, ice packs, coolant sprays, and many more.

The whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) immerses the body in extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. The individual stands in a walled chamber or a small area surrounding his/her body. However, the top of the chamber is uncovered for the head.

For the cooling effect, Nitrogen is used to get the low temperatures. The individual stays inside the chamber for about two to four minutes.

You may start seeing cryotherapy benefits after one session. But it is best if used regularly. Following the session, the body starts heating and results in removing toxins, improving metabolism, boosting blood circulation, and enhancing overall health.

Why Do LA Celebrities Use Cryotherapy?

Celebrities prefer cryotherapy due to its health and beauty benefits. It leaves a significant impact on overall wellness and makes the individual appear young and beautiful. These benefits have compelled LA celebrities to opt for the treatment.

Better Metabolism

Cryotherapy improves the metabolism rate. It keeps a check on the pounds as the metabolism becomes better.

As a result, it helps in weight loss or maintenance and boosts collagen production. Collagen production makes the skin healthier.

Celebrities are always on the lookout for different ways that may help them to maintain their weight. Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for them to gain an improved metabolism, leading to a well-maintained weight.

Improved Mental Health

Celebrities have stressful lives with busy work schedules and long working hours. It might deteriorate their physical and mental health if unchecked. During the cryotherapy treatment, your body releases chemicals, such as endorphins that make you feel refreshed and happy.

The therapy may increase the levels of endorphins that lead to the feeling of happiness and contentment. It also provides relief from fatigue, depression, and sleep problems. Thus, celebrities use cryotherapy to relax and alleviate stress, making them feel invigorated.

Burn Calories Faster

The treatment helps in burning calories faster. It is beneficial for celebrities as they have to appear fit all the time.

A single session may result in burning 500-800 calories. So, if the treatment is incorporated with the weight loss program, it could expedite the process.

Celebrities use cryotherapy for weight loss and to keep their body in shape. According to a report, Daniel Craig started using cryotherapy to maintain his physique for the James Bond character in “Skyfall”.

Anti-Aging Effect

When the body is exposed to freezing temperatures, it boosts collagen production. The increase in collagen helps in making the skin healthier.

The skin appears smoother, clearer, and younger after the treatment. The treatment has anti-aging properties, which attract many celebrities.

Many celebrities are known to use cryotherapy to prevent wrinkles and have younger-looking skin. Jenifer Aniston and Mandy Moore are among the celebrities who use the therapy for maintaining their youthful appearances.

Reduces Muscular Inflammation

Cryotherapy is quite effective for alleviating body aches. As people age, the muscles may get weak, resulting in joint aches. It significantly reduces pain in people experiencing arthritis.

Moreover, the therapy helps in reducing muscular inflammation or muscle soreness. Hollywood’s celebrity Will Smith was spotted using a cryotherapy machine in one of the videos he posted on his social media accounts. He found the therapy great for icing his muscles post-workout.