4 Surprising Benefits of CBD Backed by Science

CBD is simply an acronym for Cannabidiol, a chemical you will find in the Cannabis sativa family of plants. These plants are often referred to as hemp or marijuana and consist of over 80 chemicals termed as cannabinoids. However, among these 80 chemicals, THC and CBD stand out as they are the most dominant chemicals found in the plant.

The most widespread medical use of CBD or Cannabidiol is in the control of epilepsy or seizures. It is also widely used for various conditions like pain, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, muscle disorders, etc. Still, there is little medical evidence to back the beneficial claims in these cases.

Working Methodology of CBD

The exact reason behind such effects of Cannabidiol is not entirely apparent. But researchers are strongly inclined to believe that it serves to prevent the breakdown of a particular chemical that has a strong influence on things like mood, pain, and mental functions. By increasing the levels of this chemical in the blood and averting its breakdown, CBD might also lessen the psychotic effects experienced by people with schizophrenia. CBD can even help to negate some of the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD also works to minimize things like pain and anxiety. The four health benefits of CBD that have been proved to varying levels by science include:

1. Epilepsy or Seizures

The particular CBD based product Epidiolex helps to minimize seizure and seizure-related conditions in both adults as well as children. This favorable effect of the drug on such episodes is not limited to epilepsy. It extends to the seizures caused by Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes as well. Not only that, but Epidiolex is also useful in curbing the attacks resulting from tuberous sclerosis besides a host of other diseases that result in seizures. Due to the limited research and the availability of different CBD products online that you can find on their site, physicians refrain from prescribing them as medication. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have several attributed health benefits.

2. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

It is proved that the nasal spray product Sativex is effective at improving MS symptoms like the tightness of muscles, pain, and frequency of urination. This product is available only upon showing a prescription and has both the THC and CBD constituents of the cannabis plant and has several benefits for patients with MS. Apart from the US, it is used in over 25 countries for its incredible benefits for MS patients.

3. Managing Pain

The medical, sports, and fitness community have taken notice of the potentially significant effects of CBD on managing pain. It helps the muscles to relax and heal the aching caused by exercise. Not only does CBD help to keep soreness resulting from a condition called DOMS in check. It also helps in pushing the body to the maximum during workout and training periods.

4. Sleep

Yet another health benefit of CBD is its role in the all-important function of sleep. If sleep is disturbed or inadequate, then it hampers a host of body functions. CBD helps in getting proper rest, and that is just great news for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

With increased relaxation of legal norms regarding CBD, we will, in all likelihood, see a massive spike in the number of scientific studies on CBD and its benefits. Such research will help enhance the knowledge of our body functions besides teaching us how to live a more healthy and happy life. Thanks to the wide variety of formats in which you will find CBD, there is something that suits everyone. Cheers to CBD!