Preparing for Cisco 200-301 Exam: Here Are Tips to Implement Right Now and How Practice Tests Work


Undoubtedly, studying for long durations is unhealthy. But what happens if you’re a few weeks away from taking your assessment but still feel that you have a lot of content to cover? Some candidates start panicking at this point and might end up sitting down for long hours in one single day to try and catch up with what’s still left. However, the truth is that you don’t have to do this as it can be harmful. So, this post covers the tips that you can implement right now in your Cisco 200-301 even if the exam day is around the corner. So, learn and implement these recommendations so that they can work for you!

Tips to Make Use of Right Now during Your Exam 200-301 Preparation

If you are eager to make the Cisco CCNA credential all yours, then in the first place, you need to pass 200-301 test. However, this assessment requires a lot of preparation and hard work. And if you think that your time for study is almost up but you still have some significant ground to cover in your prep, you need to apply techniques that would make you effective in those remaining days or weeks. So, what advice can you implement in your CCNA exam preparation?

  • Cover smaller portions of the exam syllabus

When you study your syllabus in smaller quantities rather than huge portions each day, it’s possible to retain the 200-301 content. Consuming too much within a short time or even over a long time with no breaks might make you end up with nothing in your memory. To be effective in your test prep, shorten your revision sessions.

  • Focus on the domains of the CCNA 200-301

200-301 test outlines core topics that you must be proficient in. They include network fundamentals, IP connectivity & services, network access, automation as well as programmability, and security fundamentals. These knowledge areas include important networking principles, concepts, and procedures. Thus, you had better sign up for a quick course and get other study materials that will make it easier for you to comprehend the assessment content within a short time. Your study materials should also include practice tests so that you can review question patterns of the previous exams.

Such files contain the questions and answers from the previous exams, that’s why it’s a great option to use in your prep process and see your readiness to the main 200-301 exam. To add more, you should use special software to open practice tests and thus, you gain skills to tackle various exam questions in the simulated exam environment.

  • Learn and take notes

As you review your notes, try to highlight critical portions of information, which will help in retaining the content for 200-301 test. With proper note-taking, you can complete your syllabus effectively. You, for example, can start by skimming through your textbook while marking important areas and then convert the headings into subheadings. From the subheadings, you can formulate questions that might possibly be asked in your CCNA 200-301.


It’s possible to make your Cisco 200-301 preparation effective by implementing the right techniques. The tips we’ve shared here can help you completely learn the content for this assessment even when the exam date is some weeks or days away. However, you shouldn’t get into the habit of starting your prep at the last minute.

Preparing at the appropriate time makes the whole process less stressful. Also, don’t forget that you can always count on practice tests anytime you get ready for your exam. Sending every good wish in your 200-301!