Does CBD Interact With Your Medications?

One of the major concerns of people who are about to start taking CBD products is the way they can mix with other medicines. It is an especially important question for those who suffer from serious health conditions, e.g. autoimmune illnesses. That is why we decided to shed some light on this issue in this article and answer the most popular questions related to the subject.

Why CBD Interacts With Other Drugs: The Basics

To put it shortly, CBD oil does interact with other medications due to their chemical nature: when these substances get mixed, they undergo chemical reactions that result in either faster or slower metabolism of medications in the human body. It happens because CBD can increase or reduce the effect of Cytochrome P450. It is a group of ferments that play a key role in splitting medications after they are taken.

Also, CBD has its own impact on the human body as well as medications that you take, and the most interesting question is whether CBD intensifies the effect made by a certain drug or neutralizes it. As you might have guessed, interactions of CBD oil with different medicines will show different results. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Outcomes of mixing CBD with tranquilizing medications

Since CBD has the improvement of sleep among its major benefits, mixing it with sedatives would not be a good idea. Although CBD oil does not cause apathy and lethargy even in the long run, combining it with medications of the same effect is not the right decision. If you do it, you will feel tempted to proceed to take such a mixture again and again. This is due to the arising addiction that happens as a result of CBD interaction with tranquilizing medicines.

Outcomes of mixing CBD with analgesics and anticoagulants

If you take ibuprofen, warfarin, or other medicines of that kind, you should be extra careful with CBD as well. This is due to their blood-diluting feature which is amplified by cannabidiol. Once you mix warfarin or ibuprofen with it, your organism will take more time to metabolize the medicine and it will stay in your blood for longer. Consequently, the risk of bleeding will increase.

If you still cannot eliminate anticoagulants or analgesics made of ibuprofen from your daily treatment, do not forget to let your doctor know you want to take CBD oil. They will recommend the most top rated CBD oils, choose the right dose for you, and monitor your state throughout your new routine.

Outcomes of mixing CBD with chemotherapy

When Cannabidiol gets mixed with the cancer-killing drugs, the impact of the latter increases significantly. This is due to the healing feature of CBD when it comes to killing the pain caused by cancer. However, do not rush to ask where to buy CBD oil hoping that it will cure this illness along with chemotherapy faster. CBD oil, if taken with medications against cancer, causes them to break down faster and enter the blood of the patient in higher concentrations. Due to the increased amount of medicine soaked by the organism, a person who is fighting with cancer will face intoxication and may feel even worse as the result of such treatment.

To avoid such outcomes, your doctor should review the doses of chemotherapy and CBD oil and monitor your state during combined treatment with these medicines.

As you can see, the consequences of taking CBD with other drugs can be devastating if not administered by the doctor. Once you consult them and decide to buy CBD oil for the first time, take a look at the answers to the most popular questions regarding the purchase below:

Where can I buy CBD oil?

You can find CBD oil and related products in large chain drug stores, specific shops, and online stores. Also, you can purchase CBD directly from the manufacturer on the Internet.

Where can I buy CBD oil near me?

If you have no offline CBD shops in your area, you can order it online and ask for the delivery to your home or office.