Must-Have Items for Every Hunting Trip


Thinking of taking up hunting? You’ll need to prepare the proper gear first. No matter what hunting destination you’ll go to or the type of hunting activity you’ll partake in, there are certain essentials that every hunter should get before they go out in nature. If you want your hunting experience to be one of the best, make sure that you have all the necessary items. Not buying the right hunting supplies will leave you at a disadvantage and might even make hunting worse for you. If you’re not sure what equipment you should get, fear not, as we’re here to help! Check out the few items we’ve listed below.

Weapon of Choice

Of course, you shouldn’t be out and about around your target without your weapon. It should be the first thing to think about whenever going on a hunting trip. So, to ensure that you have a successful hunting trip, make sure that your weapon is well-maintained days (or maybe even weeks) before you actually go out hunting. You don’t want to find out at the last moment that your weapon needs repairing or that some parts need to be replaced. You may need to call off the whole trip if you find that your arrowheads are rusty or if you don’t have a spare weapon to save the day. So, always make sure to stock enough ammunition for your trip and do regular maintenance check-ups on your weapons days before the hunting trip.


One of the most basic items in any hunter’s arsenal is a handy pair of binoculars. While they won’t be used to hunt your game, they are the main reason why you’ll find plenty of prey. Binoculars are great for spotting animals from a distance and will give you a good view of the whole terrain. Sure, these tools are a bit outdated, especially that there are more useful tools like laser rangefinders. However, hunting enthusiasts at say that you can find better models which incorporate laser rangefinder features in their binoculars. Other features to look for when getting binoculars are optical quality, accuracy, and weather resistance. Also, make sure that your binoculars aren’t heavy, as this can hinder you from observing the terrain and hunting properly. Finally, check out reviews for the set of binoculars you’re about to purchase and see what people say about it in terms of durability and battery life.

Trail Camera

Hunting is not just about firing arrows and rifle shells every which way. If you have tried hunting before, then you already know that a great portion of your time is spent during observation and tracking targets. If you intrude too much on your prey’s natural habitat, there’s a high chance that you’ll be detected; thus, you’ll lose your chance of getting accurate information on the target’s activity patterns, behavior, or movement. The best way you can do this is by using trail cameras. These small devices are excellent for tracking prey without you actually having to be there and will bring you back valuable information on your target, so you’ll be able to set traps or catch it with your weapon. This can also be helpful whenever hunters work collectively on hunting a big game.

Scent Killer

Animals are generally known for their keen olfactory sense, so waltzing around their habitat in nice-smelling attire isn’t exactly stealthy. What you need to do before you step into the terrain of your prey is to use scent killers, something that novice hunters often forget to do. A scent killer detergent should mute your smell, which will make it harder for animals to pick up on your scent. As for other items that you can’t wash with detergent, you can use a scent-killer spray. That you use it on all your weapons, survival kit, traps, and decoys. Also, make sure that you store all clothes and items treated with scent-killer spray in a scent-proof bag.


Decoys are an important item to have on your hunting trip, especially if you’re a beginner. There is always the possibility of making mistakes. Decoys, fortunately, will reduce the chances of these mistakes. If you can’t get close to your target, your best course of action would be drawing it nearer to you with the help of a decoy. 


Bringing these items along with you on your next hunting trip will increase your chances of success. Make sure that you stock these supplies early on so that you’re fully prepared. Remember that stocking too much gear will slow you down, especially if you don’t frequent the gym. You can either try to keep your load as light as possible or strengthen your body by following a good exercise program.