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A Salute to Missoula’s Bike-Friendly Events of 2011

By BEN WEISS - There is no doubt that Missoulians like riding bikes. In fact, we consistently rate among the top 10 cities in the country for percentage of people using bicycles for transportation.... more

The Dandies Ride Again! The Second Annual Missoula Tweed Ride

By BEN WEISS. Are you looking for an excuse to don some wool, ride around on your old-timey bike, and support some fine organizations? Well, you my friends, are in luck. The 2nd Annual Missoula Tweed Ride is ha... more

It’s Cyclocross Season in Missoula

By BEN WEISS. I hate to say it, but Fall is officially here in western Montana. So, aside from the harvest parties and the cider pressing, it also means it is time for Cyclocross season in Missoula. ... more

A Symphony of Cyclists – Annual Cycle for the Symphony

By BEN WEISS. If you have been out and about around town lately, you have no doubt noticed a new symbol in the road. It is a bicycle with two chevrons above it, and it is called a “sharrow”. Derived from t... more

“Sharrow” the Road – Missoula’s New Biking Road Symbols

By BEN WEISS. If you have been out and about around town lately, you have no doubt noticed a new symbol in the road. It is a bicycle with two chevrons above it, and it is called a “sharrow”. Derived from t... more

Bike Me Out to the Ballpark

By RYAN NEWHOUSE:This week marks the opening of the Missoula Osprey baseball season, and I’m here to tell you how to get some crazy good deals on seats. All it takes is a riding your bike and joining the Miss... more

The Season for Single-Track Minds

By RYAN NEWHOUSE: Missoula--are you ready for some mountain biking? As our very wet spring starts to give way to sunny, summery skies it can only mean that those beautifully-carved single-track trails in the h... more

Caffe Dolce: Where Price and Passion Meet

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Ninety-nine bottle of beer on the wall, they say, but at Caffe Dolce it’s wine you’ll see, beautifully arranged on the wall behind the counter. Under the guidance of Jerod Peitsmeyer, Caff... more

Sunday Streets Missoula

By RYAN NEWHOUSE: Back for its second year, Sunday Streets Missoula will kindly take over N. Higgins Avenue this Sunday (June 5) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and open it to people-powered activities. Launched last S... more

Missoula Businesses Show Record Support for Sustainable Transportation

By RYAN NEWHOUSE: Each spring during Bike Walk Bus Week, organizers from Missoula In Motion host a friendly competition between Missoula businesses called the commuter challenge.... more

May is National Bike Month

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Missoula kicked off May with an exciting Bike Walk Bus Week, but many are keeping their wheels turning in honor of National Bike Month. And with all the recent sunny weather we’ve been havin... more

A Week of Biking, Walking and Buses…Oh My

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. For the last 20 years Missoula has celebrated Bike Walk Bus Week as a harbinger of spring and an opportunity to celebrate local businesses that encourage sustainable transportation. This year,... more

The Every Day-ness of Earth Day

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. April 22 is nationally recognized as Earth Day, that one day of the year where kind-minded folks and hip organizations bring out their recycling, plant gardens and clean up parks, beaches and ... more

Tactical Urbanism

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. First, let me be clear. I am in no way condoning mischief. I just want to share information about a movement in American small towns called “Tactical Urbanism.”... more

A Railroad Ran Through It

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Every time I see a train I am reminded of my bike. Does that happen for anyone else? For those in Missoula who regularly use the Kim Williams Nature Trail, Riverfront Trail or Bitterroot Branc... more

Going the Distance

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself on a bike? I’m not talking about skid-stopping on a “fixie,” although that is one of my lifelong goals, and I’m not talking about riding in ... more

Spring Has Sprung, Now Clean Up That Bike

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. We’ve officially survived a long, wet winter. Congratulations! And though we in Montana know that the weather can turn on a dime and there are no guarantees the sun will shine (this month),... more

City of Missoula Needs Help to Smooth Things Over

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Missoula has experienced above-average levels of moisture this year, and for some in the city that makes things expensive. The Missoula Public Works Department is tasked with filling potholes... more

A Tale of Two City Plans: Part Two

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Boulder has been experiencing rapid growth for much longer than Missoula, and it has had more time to both learn from its mistakes and battle over-population.... more

A Tale of Two City Plans: Part One

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Imagine, knowing that we can’t control or predict the future, but we can join together to bring up ideas for what might happen and jointly talk about solutions.There are several ways you ca... more

Why Love is Like Riding a Bike

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. I met my wife when we worked together for a summer at a small New Mexican guest ranch. We were there as part of a college summer staff. I had come out there from Tennessee and she from her co... more

The Year in the Rear-View Mirror

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. From new trails and an additional roundabout to the launch of a new streets festival and record ridership, Missoula saw lots of bikes, lots of bus riders and lots of footpaths in 2010. Here’... more

Let’s Get Around . . . with Missoula Maps

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. I love maps. It doesn’t matter if it’s a world map, neighborhood map or a fake treasure map.... more

Missoula Needs Snow Angels

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. As snow has finally blanketed the streets, trails and sidewalks of Missoula, the City and the Bicycle-Pedestrian Program Manager are asking everyone to do their part to keep the sidewalks in ... more

The Need for Tweed

11/09 Blog by Ryan Newhouse. Last Sunday, about 50+ riders donned their dandiest tweed-inspired garb and rode their bikes through the gray, wet streets of Missoula for the first annual Missoula Tweed Ride. The ... more