The Dandies Ride Again! The Second Annual Missoula Tweed Ride


Are you looking for an excuse to don some wool, ride around on your old-timey bike, and support some fine organizations? Well, you my friends, are in luck. The 2nd Annual Missoula Tweed Ride is happening on October 8th.  The Tweed Ride is a leisurely family-friendly bike ride through town, in which ride participants are encouraged to wear tweed, wool, or other old-fashioned dandy attire.

There are actually two routes for the Tweed Ride this Saturday. One is a 2 mile, mostly off-street route that sticks to the riverfront trails and is perfect for the whole family. The other is a 4 mile loop that is for adults, or more adventurous families. Both routes begin and end at FreeCycles, at 732 S 1st St. W.

They party doesn’t stop when the ride ends though. In fact, the party just gets started at the end of the ride at FreeCycles. There will be food, drink (please bring a cup or mug), and live music from the Steel Toed Flos and Baby and Bukowski (who incidentally I had the good fortune of seeing perform in the UC two weeks ago – girls have got some pipes).  During the party, there will be old-timey games such as Pin the Seat on the Bike, Ring Toss, Bite the Donut on the String (don’t ask), and an A-Maze-Ing Maze. The event caps off with a tweed fashion show, and prizes will be awarded for the Most Dapper Chap, Most Dandy Lass, Most Snappy Steed, Most Stylish Do, and Most Marvelous Mustache.

If you need an outfit for the occasion, I’m sure you can find all the bloomers, knickerbockers, argyle, and wool at any of Missoula’s wonderful thrift stores.  If you need a bike, swing in to FreeCycles, or head down to Currents, where you can check out a Dasani Blue Bike for FREE (credit card required for security).

The suggested donation for the ride and party is $8 for individual, $15 for two, and $20 per family, with proceeds going to benefit Spirit at Play and FreeCycles. Tickets can purchased at both those locations. Check out their website for more information about the 2nd Annual Missoula Tweed Ride.

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Ben Weiss has been biking around Missoula for the last decade, on his way to and from work, school, volunteer engagements, board meetings, pot lucks, concerts, and the bars. Previously serving as a Bicycling Ambassador for the City and as a current employee of Missoula In Motion, Ben has spent hundreds of hours talking with Missoulians about how and where they ride their bikes.