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A Salute to Missoula’s Bike-Friendly Events of 2011

By BEN WEISS - There is no doubt that Missoulians like riding bikes. In fact, we consistently rate among the top 10 cities in the country for percentage of people using bicycles for transportation.... more

The Dandies Ride Again! The Second Annual Missoula Tweed Ride

By BEN WEISS. Are you looking for an excuse to don some wool, ride around on your old-timey bike, and support some fine organizations? Well, you my friends, are in luck. The 2nd Annual Missoula Tweed Ride is ha... more

It’s Cyclocross Season in Missoula

By BEN WEISS. I hate to say it, but Fall is officially here in western Montana. So, aside from the harvest parties and the cider pressing, it also means it is time for Cyclocross season in Missoula. ... more

Aug 19 Missoula Festival Celebrates Biking & Walking with Movies & Beer

By BEN WEISS. Festival season is in full swing in Missoula – Brew Fest, Local Fest, Celtic Fest, Total Fest, Roots Fest, Hemp Fest, German Fest, and Testy Fest are just a few of them. A lot of people are aski... more